Where To Spend The Money,offense Or Defense??

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TITANFANATIC911, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Defense because it wins championships
  2. Definetly Defense

    Defense is where you invest the money in because in the end, your defense 9 times out of 10 wins the game for you.If you take the past 6 super bowl winners Baltimore,Patriots(3x),Tampa, and Steelers they all have the same thing in common,solid defense and even Indy during the postseason. We got the players and the talent on defense to be great except 3 positions that need to be addressed.So hear me out:

    With an estimated $36mill in cap space to spend you might as well spend the money(wisely) and get the best available players out there now because with the cap increasing in 2009 more teams are going to be locking up their nucleus of players between now and then.So is this the year players are gonna get paid?Yeah.But if titans are gonna wanna be contenders for awhile they need to upgrade.

    CB-We go out and sign either Assaute Samuel or Nate clement which ever one is cheaper.I prefer Samuel over Clement but they both have pros and cons.Bottom line there shut down corners and with 2 shutdown corners in the nfl you can blitz more and take more chances.

    MLB-Tulloch is going to be great but he's still young and learning.I say you go out and sign a guy like London fletcher(BUF) to a 3 year deal.You wanna talk about consistency,this guy has averaged over 130 tckls since 2002 and stays healthy.He is very underated much like Bulluck but he makes plays and great against the run.With Thorton and Bulluck using their speed on the outside Fletcher will be at his best playing the run and covering underneath.

    DE as we all know is a key.Freeney will most certainly get hit with the tag and the free agents as far as DE is thin.Charles Grant(saints) i think would be great opposite of Vanden Bosch.Great speed(for a guy weighing 290),good against the run and will help out the D-Line tremedously.

    Get rid of Lamont and stick in Fuller or Lowry.Can't be any worse then Lamont and when both have had to play they've made plays.Use draft for depth.It's to risky to rely on DE or a S to come out right away and contribute .As far as Wr, resign Bennet cause he's a great #2 who can get the first down and has paid his dues.Wr in free agency is weak and the only one worth looking at is Stallworth who's got wheels when healthy.Titans could package the 1st round and one of the second rd picks to move down and grab Johnson considering they have 11 picks and couldn't possiably get any younger.
  3. LT21Titans27

    LT21Titans27 Tebow Apostle

    Both, a great team can play on both sides of the ball

    look at Indy, Unfortunately, tehy always had a good offense, and when theyre defense stepped up, they won it all
  4. smili

    smili Starter

    I agree that our D needs more help. Whether in the draft or in free agency defense has to be the focus.

    I wouldn't mind us taking a good center/interior offensive line prospect a little earlier than we normally would to groom to be the successor to Mawae who may only have a year or two left given his age, but otherwise DE, CB, S are on top of the need list. This year we saw what a difference a good offensive line makes and I don't want to see us deficient there again.
  5. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    Our achilles heel is our defense. When the D plays well, we have a good chance to win. When our D doesn't play well, we have NO CHANCE to win.

    The flip side is, if we have a dominant D, even Young playing inconsistently can drive us to a gamewinning score to win it. Considering he's young (no pun intended), this is the way to go.

    The 2 best friends of a young QB are a stout defense (especially one that can get turnovers and give hima short field and more possessions) and a dominant run game. With these things in mind...

    The biggest impact player we lack is a dominant pass rusher. Freeney will be the only one IF he isn't locked up. If he's available, you get him and expect to pay $10mil a year - easy.

    The next biggest impact players on defense are Adalius Thomas (in a variety of roles) and Clements/Samuel at CB. Can Thomas be a dominant DE? Not sure. His size to speed ratio is better than any player coming out of the draft though and he's been excellent for the last few years. The question is, how much would he cost and would he be willing to play DE and/or MLB? Clements and Samuel are easier to figure since they play only one position and we know what they'll cost - ALOT! Even so, I'd sign whicher is cheaper though I think I prefer Clements.

    Clements is bigger, makes more tackles and has played more man to man. Samuel is younger, has played on Championship defenses, can play both man and zone (though not sure how he holds up one on one without a great pass rush) and has more than held his own against the Colts.

    Realistically, we could sign one of the above CB's and if we got Freeney I'd be done. Plan B would be a top CB (above) and Thomas (assuming we didn't have to break the bank and he was willing to play wherever we wanted him to).

    Plan C would be a top CB and an impact player or two. This might be a Clements and Lance Briggs (moving to MLB), Clements and Eric Steinbach (OG), Clements and London Fletcher and Steinbach.

    Plan D would be a top CB (Clements) and other players who potentially could come in and have a good impact. These players might be Michael Lewis (S), Ashley Lelie (WR), Deon Grant (FS), ect. However, these players would have to come at the right price and not get overpaid.

    Other options would be - trade our first rnd pick for a franchise tagged Freeney or trade our 3rd rnd pick to the Colts for McFarland. Other players to consider who are restricted free agents...perhaps a Michael Turner depending on compensation.

  6. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    I agree with almost everything Gut says...

    But basically, I don't even think this is much of a question, we were LAST in the NFL in Defense, that's where we spend.
  7. oochymp

    oochymp Camp Fodder

    I doubt the Colts would take a third rounder for McFarland when they traded a second rounder for him and he played well this season.
  8. rcarie

    rcarie Tac Head

    We definately need both.... Seeing how Givens has an ACL tear, we can pretty much write him off till later in the season, as far as being very productive. With that, we've got to get some help at WR by either draft or free agent. I would prefer a free agent just because I'm sick of waiting on guys to mature... As for who that would be, not sure.

    I think we could draft a DE that could come in and start in his first year and improve our DLine. We also need to improve at Safety. Or should I say, we need to get some one better than Lamont Thompson! Also, I would expect us to add some depth at LB with draft picks more than likely. If it was up to me I would definately spend the money on a quality CB. I like Samual but I would be satisfied with any that have been named here, really...

    All in all, IMO we need significant help at WR, Pass rush, Safety, and CB. I think we have plenty of cap room to accomplish all of this.
  9. Titanpride

    Titanpride Insider

    Spend the money on defense... draft on the offense.
  10. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    The pick they're giving up for McFarland is about 19 picks below the 3rd rndr we'd give up. Why the difference? Losing McFarland would save them about $5mil under the cap I believe and McFarland's no spring chicken and will be in his last year of his contract next yr. If they franchise Freeney, I don't see them tagging or re-signing Freeney so they wouldn't have lost that much to rent him for a year. We on the other hand have a big need for an excellent DT AND have the cap room. Anyone wanna tell me McFarland won't be worth a mid-late 3rd round pick?

    Plus, I'd be interested to see how McFarland and Haynesworth would be as starting DT's!!!

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