Where is VY? (all things Vince Young goes here)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by grindtime, Feb 10, 2011.

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    Reytard should not have finished 12 on the Titans roster. He became a liability
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    Hindsight is always 20/20. Who the hell plans for their returner fielding the ball out of the end zone and then kneeling in the end zone? I've never seen that in football at any level. How are you supposed to prepare for such retardedness? Maybe we should make sure to tell our receivers not to hand off the ball to the DB after he catches it too. I swear, the things people put on coaching...
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    Yeah! Stupid VY!
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    The guy was garbage in 2012. He had one great game in week 17 against the Jaguars when he returned two punts for TDs. He was terrible the rest of the year and got even worse in 2013.

    Reynaud had no business being on the roster in 2013 and we didn't even try to upgrade him. Just re-signed him with no competition.
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    Vince Young wants the NFL. The NFL doesn’t want him. The CFL may want him. But he doesn’t want the CFL.

    David Climer of the Tennessean makes the case for Young changing his tune about the 110-yard alternative to the highest level of the sport. With two years out of the NFL and not even a sip of room-temperature tea with the Browns, Young needs to realize that, if he wants to play football and/or to show the NFL that he still can, he should do it wherever he can.

    No disrespect to Canada,” Young told FOX 26 in Houston last month. “They’ve got some great players that I know play out there, great sport as well, but it’s never been an option for me.”

    No disrespect to Young, but his ego could be keeping him from maximizing his shot at returning to the NFL. Players who have performed well at the NFL level believe that they can still perform well at the NFL level if someone would simply give them a fair chance. They never let themselves accept the possibility that they’re not as good as they think they are, and that they may need to find a way to improve their skills — or to prove that their own assessment of their abilities is accurate.

    Bottom line, Young either wants to play or he doesn’t. If he wants to play, he needs to embrace the opportunity.

    Unless his ego also is concerned that he ultimately could be rejected in Canada, too.

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    His style fits the CFL game well. But it is not as easy there as some might think. There are only 9 teams which means only 9 starting positions.
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    *sigh* again?
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    He should've gone there three years ago.
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    In 5-6 years we will be hearing the same about Johnny Football
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