Where is VY? (all things Vince Young goes here)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by grindtime, Feb 10, 2011.

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  1. 4realz

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    My expectations for Locker is well below everyone elses here. The odds arer really against Newton, Locker, Gabbert, and Ponder to be successful in the NFL. For every Aaron Rodgers or Dree Brees drafted there are QB's like Tim Couch, Alex Smith, David Carr, Joey Harington, Brady Quinn, Kelly Stouffer, Andre Ware, David Klinger, Heath Shuler, Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Cade McNown, Art Schlichter, Andre Ware, Dan McGwire, Todd Marinovich, Tommy Maddox, Rick Mirer, Jim Druckenmiller, Ryan Leaf, Cade McNown, J.P. Losman, Matt Leinart, JaMarcus Russell, and Rick Mirer that are bust. That's just the first round QB's drafted. and that's not even talking about the current young players or injured players like Matthew Stafford that we don't know about yet. But only Newton has the physical tools to be as good as Matthew Stafford. But then again so did J Russell. It comes down if Cam has what it takes to have the heart of a winner and it not be just about the money. Time will tell with him.

    I think Andrew Luck has what it takes and we may have a chance for him next year if Jake Locker, Kerry Collins, or Rusty Smith as our QB.

    I also think it's laughable that someone is still mentioning that VY had bad work ethic and couldn't get the grasp of the offense. There hasn't been a more stupid thing said on this website. You don't win football games in the NFL if you don't grasp the offense. Or your not willing to put in the work. Again, this was Jeff Fisher leaking info about a player he never wanted. Nobody ever hears who is late to team meetings or anythong that happens outside any of the other organization unless a coach wants to smear a players reputation. How the hell did the media hear this? Nobody confirms it. It's like a myth and nobody backs it up.
  2. eds clothing

    eds clothing Camp Fodder

    People kill me with Vy doesn't work hard if he doesn't he is more talented then I thought. You would have to be blind to not see the way he improved his passing from the pocket the last few years. The only way this happens is working hard in the off season and a lot of practice. He has a top 5 deep ball in the League now. I was in Philly when the Eagles pick up Vick the whole city was upset know they love the dude a team will take a chance on Vy for potential alone. I'm just Glad we got our Qb and were done with the Drama.
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  3. TitansBlue

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    wow, people are still posting in this thread
  4. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor

    "Can't nobody tell me nothing." - Vince Young
  5. Nash

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    It's pretty telling that Palmer has said that we are undergoing a "culture change at QB" , specifically citing increased work, film study, and attitude.. Say what you want but the evidence doesn't support your contention that Vince worked hard
  6. FlightRisk

    FlightRisk Camp Fodder

    "Say what you want but the evidence doesn't support your contention that Vince worked hard."

    The ONLY evidence you need to support the idea VY worked hard is his W/L record.
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  7. GoT

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    post #2366 folks!
  8. Mr.biggums

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    Of course it's telling that they play to the public they couldn't do anything because of their "quarterback" problems....even though they had a quarterback that was a veteran and student of the playbook and only managed one win in eight tries.

    Say what YOU want, but it was more of lack of defense and efficent run game but yes Vince was the get out of jail free card when dealing with the public and explaining why the titans dropped the ball BIG TIME. Why? because a few non-relevant events they didn't make him seem like a damn boy scout.

    Funny how people are explaining away how Locker didn't have stats because he never had talent in college yet fail to realize Vince didn't have anything his first few years in the nfl..... except lendale white. AWESOME!
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  9. GeronimoJackson

    GeronimoJackson Brainwashed by the Left. Now I am free.

  10. Finnebosch

    Finnebosch I am vengeance.

    And if people wanted Vince gone because of his play you'd have a point. I can guarantee you that Young will not start for a team next season outside of injury or desperation. People want to say that the lack of enthusiasm Vince Young is Fisher's fault but in reality it is because no head coach/GM wants to tie their future to this nut case.

    My bet is he heads to Philly after we cut him to back up Vick. That way once Vick gets injured (his play style is built for flash not fire) Young can find out how it feels really feels to have a fan base boo him. You think his reaction to the fans in Tennessee was bad Philly fans will eat him alive.
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