Where does the "Que Dawg" rank in Oiler/Titans History?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by CriticalTheory, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. CriticalTheory

    CriticalTheory WestSide 718 ShadowMafia!

    You mean the Fraternities

    The Purpose

    Phi Beta Sigma AKA SIGMAS G.O.M.A.B
    Cal State Northridge!! CSUN BABY THATS MY COLLEGE
    The Most Notorious Kappa Alpha Chapter of PBS

    Alpha Phi Alpha aka "Apes"

    Omega Psi Phi aka "Que Psi Phi" "Que Dawgs"

    It's not Kappa Bla Bla

    It's Kappa Alpha Psi aka "Nupes"
  2. wg53

    wg53 Starter

    Eddie George? Oh please that is a joke right? Eddie over the only player in NFL history to win the NFL MVP his rookie year (Earl Campbell)? Nope....not a snowball's chance in hell.


    I thought Moon was the best QB the franchise ever had. Key word there is thought. Though, I never blamed Warren for the playoff losses, McNair was able to do more with less.

    There may never be a more talented Titans/Oilers team than the ones fielded in the late 80's early 90's and they could not get it done. They never even made it to the AFC championship.

    Steve took the Titans to the Super Bowl and nearly pulled it off and in my humble opinion, it was the Super Bowl game that made coach Fisher believe that Steve is the franchise and not Eddie. I wish that realization came earlier as the Titans would have won the game. Of course this is just speculation on my part.

    Where does Steve rank?

    1. Earl Campbell
    2. Steve McNair
    3. Warren Moon

    That is my top three. Of course argument can be made for putting Bruce Mathews on the top of that list, Munchak too.

  4. Overalls

    Overalls Starter

    Warren Moon is still the number one QB to me. I was in the Astrodome the day the Oilers drafted McNair, but Moon is still my favorite.
  5. Hey Puck, put a sock, uuuuggg uhhh, a "Puck" in it. :yell2:

    Please join the list: What list: After Andre's first real offseason, my challenge all of you doubters riding this board so voacally trying to make Andre's name synonymous with failure, will find out what he is really about. Let me explain. The reason for Andre's success at OU was attributed to his incredible hard working off season. Andre dedicates the majority of what many football players call off-season to dedicated intense training both physical and skill techniques. Since being a Titan, he has not had that opportuninty yet, due to season ending surgeries. This time, he ends the season uninjured and will not spend the offseason recouperating. No, instead he will go through this off-season working hard for camp. He will challenge Hill hard at camp. Right now people are underestimating him. Since I have known him, which means since birth, so all his life, Andre has excelled vs uphill odds. All I can tell you doubters is keep on doubting, keep kicking him. He will make a believer out of you and then just make sure you kiss his behind when he lights it up this coming year - Kiss it with the same ease and energy that you kicked it this year. WU
  6. CriticalTheory

    CriticalTheory WestSide 718 ShadowMafia!


    Even the Refs had to hold a conference on this one
  7. moose4now

    moose4now Starter

  8. Hey, I know my posts are long and full of "vent". It doesn't matter though. Nothing changes reality and reality is there will be a battle at camp and Andre will bring the heat. Believe it now, or be made to believe it later. Out ----- Again
  9. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    Damn, don't think I've ever seen Puck hitting it (vodka) quite like that. CT, thanks for the info on the sign, I had no clue what Steve was doing either.
  10. TitanFan4Life

    TitanFan4Life Stronger Than K-Bulluck

    anyone have a picture of steve doing the sign?
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