Where does the "Que Dawg" rank in Oiler/Titans History?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by CriticalTheory, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. The Don

    The Don Upsetting The Apple Cart

    Is Alpha Phi Alpha still the apes? or is it the Nupes? College was a little blurry for me.

    We had some awesome, and I mean awesome pledge swaps with the Alpha Phi Alpha, Phi Beta Sigma, and Omega Psi Phi.

    Those were the days ....
  2. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    Eddie George was the team. Heisman Trophy winner. McNair had to take a back seat. Especially since the strategy was working. He was not the superior talent on the team. Eddie was. Conservative offense was the way to go. So I don't think Fisher held him back. He had to. And you have to remember, and be honest, that McNair could not throw a deep ball early in his career. He only developed that when the offense opened up and Eddie G. was done. I was very surprised he was able to do it and win MVP to be honest with you. But was happy to see it. That said, I don't think he was ever capable of what Moon did. Moon is the purest passer I have ever seen in the NFL. He could find an open receiver all over the field, then deliver a perfect pass. I don't think McNair could do that at the pro level. There are very few qb's who can find the one open wide receiver on every play. Most throw into coverage. Moon seemed able to find an open wr. On third down, you felt no worries with Moon. McNair, I can't say that. As for WR's. I think Moon had better Wr's, but he created most of them. All through his career you had guys catching tons of balls. Even when he was in minnesota. So I can't really say that McNair would have been better with Given, Jeffires, and Smith, and Duncan and what not. Offensive line was pretty much the same.

    I think McNair is number 2 behind Moon. But you do have to give him credit, he won and mvp and got us to the superbowl. I liked boh equally. But Moon was so pure I can't put McNair ahead of him.
  3. CriticalTheory

    CriticalTheory WestSide 718 ShadowMafia!

    Yea APhi still and always will be the Apes.

    The nupes are KAPsi (Kappa Alpha Psi)

    What do you mean by pledge swaps You guys were switching up?

    Yea they get down especially when it comes to stepping the Sigmas, Apes, Nupes, and Que's know how to get active when it comes to stepping.

    What you know about that AKA, ZphiB, DST, and SGRho?
  4. I was never an Oilers fan, but I'd say that Earl Campbell was the best player in team history, followed by McNair.
  5. The Don

    The Don Upsetting The Apple Cart

    Proud to say that I was one of the organizers of one of the first "pledge swaps" in college. The pledge classes of two of the alleged "white frats" and two of the alleged "black frats" would swap pledges for a day. I was a Sigma Chi, so my pledge class went to Phi Beta Sigma for a day, and their pledge class went to our house. In my time, hazing was alive and well.

    It was capped off by a massive party over the weekend with some of the favorite sororities. It was incredible!

    They made it their personal mission to teach me the fine art of stepping, why I showed them the proper maneuver of the kegstand funnel.
  6. CriticalTheory

    CriticalTheory WestSide 718 ShadowMafia!

    That stepping is no joke especially when the best ones get down.
  7. CriticalTheory

    CriticalTheory WestSide 718 ShadowMafia!


    Wow just simply wow

    I would have to Say Eddie is the best player in the franchise history when you think about the Titans you will always think about Eddie.

    Eddie basically carried this team on his back, his leadership was undeniable he was our team people identify Tennessee with Eddie. Hell this team got garbage when he and Jevon left look at us now no leadership, no kind of warriors.

    The guy never missed a game so he was down with it every week including preseason.

    Hell he carried us into the playoffs and actually put up big games while Earl was quiet against L.C, Jack, Joe, Mel, Ham, and the others.

    If you think about it if not for Eddie we would have got blown out 23-0 against the Rams in SB XXXIV. He scored our only two TD's with sheer effort and determination. Say what you want but nobody on that offense got near that endzone.

    It was all Eddie for 403 times in 2000.

    Eddie is #1 McNair is like Top 5
  8. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

    he's good at that

    I'm not sure how he measures scouting talent but half the time he's way off
    see : Joey Kent
    see: Andre Woolfolk
  9. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    What exactly is all this Kappa bla bla stuff?

    Its everywhere in movies and books etc but what is the point of it all?
  10. Eddie isn't even the best RB in team history, much less the best player. Eddie is behind Earl, Steve, and Bruce in my mind for sure. I think you can throw in Moon, Munchack, Bethea, and Ken Houston as well (all current or future hall of famers).

    Eddie was a great power back before his body gave out. But he was no Earl Campbell. Earl led the league in rushing in each of his first 3 seasons. Those same seasons, he was also in the NFL's top 2 in TDs.

    Like Eddie, Earl's body failed him after a relatively short amount of time. But Earl not only ran over people, he ran past them. Eddie never had any sort of breakaway speed. I doubt you can find a single longtime fan who watched both Earl and Eddie who will say that Eddie was as good as Earl.

    As for just the Titans, I'd rank McNair ahead of Eddie. It's not a big gap, but McNair proved how good he was when he finally was given the keys to the offense in 2001. Eddie carried the offense prior to that because that's the way Fisher wanted it, not because McNair couldn't do it.

    And for emphasis, Eddie never won an MVP award. Mac did.
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