When Will The Titans Stop Being A Busch League Franchise!!!!!

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansCountry25, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. Gunny

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    no, there would have been a Woolfolk mention to go next to the smilie.
  2. GoT

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    that smilie was not worth a solo post

    It's gonna have to compete with :coltssuk: in any decent post.

    it's a bust and we all know it.
  3. Bonky

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    The term "Bush League" originated from baseball back in the early 1900's. It was a derogatory reference to the minor leagues, which were considered to only be important to "country folk" (since that's where many of the teams played, "in the bush", or "in the sticks", rather than in major metropolitan areas).

    Although stock car fans might have borrowed the term since then, it's been in common use since a lot earlier than the 1980's.

  4. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    Bush league is a general term used to describe an action or thing as being amateur, inferior or crude. In a literal sense, it refers to a low quality minor-league in baseball not associated with any of the major league teams. The term originated from the state of minor-league fields that often were ringed with shrubs and bushes.

    The phrase sounds similar to the NASCAR Busch Series, sometimes known as the "Busch League," with the same reference to being minor league or inferior. However, popular usage far predates the creation of this organization.


    I don't know that this makes me wrong...
    I still would not go as far as saying that TitansCountry25 misspelled the word as Gunny asserted. That is all this is about anyways.

    Also, I am not a fan of stock car and I was born in 1978 so you have to handicap me a bit. Today, in modern American vernacular though, I think either spelling is appropriate given the impact of nascar on the american mentality. You can't knock the guy for his choice of spelling.
  5. Vigsted

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    You have to applaud Soxcat though, for expertly diffusing an otherwise volatile topic by planting the seed of turning it into a spelling and grammar debate :thumb:
  6. GoT

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    nothing quite as petty as the spelling police on a forum.

    My favorites are the "English Literature" majors/teachers who get warped out of shape over grammar rules. I feel like typing in Faluknerese when those guys/gals go on the warpath
  7. Bonky

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    No offense intended, I just thought that the origin of the phrase was being questioned. I never thought you're a stock car fan (neither am I). My apologies if I gave you the impression I was asserting you were ;)

    As for spelling, well, let's just say that I make my own fair share of mistakes in *that* department, so I'll be one of the last to complain about a simple error (if indeed that even applies in this case).

    I do try to help if I feel I have information relevant to the topic at hand, though.

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