When the Titans are trailing and we're on defense, how do you feel?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Sep 27, 2013.


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    The Titans defense IMO ranks right at the top with the leagues best. The difference from 2012 is night and day. The effect Gregg Williams has had on this team has been amazing. Personally, when our defense is on the field, I sometimes feel better about scoring than if our offense was out there.

    People often forget that on offense its not just Jake Locker and his friends that have to adjust, there's also a learning curve for offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains. He's only in his first full season as the OC and it does take time for him to figure things out. Which is resulting in stalled drives on O.

    But on defense we're returning more players than on offense so its only natural the defense clicks better. Griffin is in his ideal role at center field, Pollard has brought back that Titans swagger, and everyone else is doing their job, there's really no weakness at the moment on defense, so because of that I am often feeling like any play can be turned into points when our D is on the field. We're +5 in the turnover battle, so as long as Locker and the O dont turn the ball over, we can keep having our defense win us games.

    Am I the only one who views our defense as a reliable supplement to the offense?
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  2. Ensconatus

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    Defense has won every game.

    Every time we get a stop... Im Still surprised. It's still setting in. But yea I feel like we can win with our defense on the field. In the OT vs Houston... I felt decent that we would have a good chance at getting the ball back. Much higher on them then the past few years where it was just.... "Oh we punted... Add 7 to the opponents total"
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  3. GoT

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    that TO number is kinda misleading, just sayin'

    That Kern fumble was as good as a TO, it flipped the field big time. Seems there was another situation or two that techincally were not TOs that flipped the field.

    But I totally agree with your point.

    last couple of years the D would absoutly shatter when the first thing, in any phase of the game, went wrong. They had zero mental fortitude. None.

    TItans D has been abused on the opening drive every game this season, but have rebounded each time. That part has been very encouraging.
  4. Mberglo

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    I'm certainly excited about this year's defense, but if it's late in the game, we're behind and we don't have the ball...I'm not sure I'm enjoying that. You sound as if you prefer our defense to be on the field than our offense in that situation. I certainly don't expect our D to score points. how many points have they scored so far this year?
  5. Fairweather Fan

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    I feel a whole lot better about it this year than last. I am pleasantly surprised with our defense this year.
  6. Dman

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    id feel a lot better if we had the ball and we were winning but we had that vs the Texans and look what happened. I am definitely excited about our defense this year but I prefer to not trail in games as opposed to leading.
  7. jplusip

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  8. Mberglo

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    Looks like 1TD on the year. ATV pick 6 against Houston.

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    Only 7 points so far, but key stops on 3rd downs.

    Say we punt from our 30, the other team starts on their 30, I feel good that our defense will make a stop giving the offense new found life with good field position.
  10. Psychop1

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    I always feel like we can score on defense now because our defense can create turnovers. I'm equally and cautiously excited about the offense as well. Locker engineered a 4th quarter comeback against San Diego and Houston. It was the defense that let them back in the game against Houston. I haven't looked at the numbers, but I would guess we are doing much better with TOP this season. I didn't think the defense was as bad as their stats indicated last season. They spent too much time on the field.

    Also, though I am sure Williams has made a positive impact on this defense, I think Gray deserves some credit as well. He had some scrubs the last couple seasons, and these young guys coming around didn't just turn it on in one season. In fact, we were starting to see a bit of this late last season with our pass rushing linebackers.
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