When the NFL added two divisions — and weakened the AFC West

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  1. GoT

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    I think it could be pushed to 40 without any real issues
  2. 615nick

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    No it's a bad idea or no it's not gonna happen. Because if you think it won't happen your delusional.
  3. TitansWrath

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    No, it's a bad idea.

    Of course it will happen, always follow the money.
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    I see it really being a problem for.some teams if they go overseas. either the teams on the west coast wouldn't play the teams in europe or it have to be a couple games ina row out there then a bye then return to the states. Because that's gonna pose a problem with travel. I know the qb

    I know the qb issue seems like a big deal, but I think it would work itself out. Yes, there are very few real nfl qbs in the world, maybe 10 or 15. But, with a 40 team playing field it would just make d and running games more prevalent in the teams that didn't have a top notch qb. We already have a slight shift in power going on now. Two of the best teams in the league don't have a true nfl passer, they really very heavily on running and d, sea and sf
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    Lol those Niners of old - back in those NFC West prior alignment days, mopped up on those other weak teams.

    Rams awful, Falcons bad, Saints a joke, Panthers expansion - Just remember the Niners owning that division

    I agree with Fry though - I do miss the old AFC Central as we'll ...

    Even though not sure having an extra team (6) was a disadvantage in terms of making the playoffs (more teams to leap frog in a division already owned by Pittsburgh). Good to remanence about the late 90s early 2000s