What's your DREAM draft?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by xpmar9x, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    Couple of thoughts...

    One could make a good argument that Kyle Wilson is currently the #1 CB prospect on a lot of boards and will be on even more if Haden doesn't run a 4.4 40 at his pro day workout since he had a VERY disappointing 40 at the combine and Wilson has only been going up, up, up!

    Who would be starting opposite Finny...Wilson, Mouton, someone else???

    I think there is a better chance Cody goes in rnd 1 than slips to round 3 (with 2nd being his likely destination). He's as good as Suh and McCoy at holding his ground against the run and he may get better as the weight keeps coming off. Curran and Hardesty COULD drop to round 3 but I think both will go in rnd 2. Hardesty had an excellent combine and Curran's just a very good player. He has the best chance to fall with all the DL/LB tweeners though Hardesty does get nicked up a lot...

    With this draft...who are our starting LB's and CB's?

    NOT ANOTHER TE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    I think there is only a ONE percent chance Graham falls into the 2nd rnd and is still there halfway thru it. I don't see Perrish Cox falling out of the 2nd or 3rd at the latest. I think all 3 rb's will be gone by rnd 6 along with Jarrett Brown and Snead though the QB's could fall...

    In your scenario, who's our #2 cb opposite Finny?

  3. CRUDS

    CRUDS Go Team! Staff

    Draft beer, not me...
  4. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    Here's my dream drafts....

    Trade Scaife and White for a mid-3rd rnd pick each (about 200 points on trade value chart each). I'll also assume a 3rd, 5th, and 7th rnd compensatory picks (which can't be traded).

    This gives me a starting list of a 1srt (pick 16), 4 3rd rnd picks (pick 13, 2 mid picks and end of round comp), a 4th rnd pick (13), 2 5th rnd picks (17 and end of round comp), a 6th (pick 16), a 2 7ths (pick 15 and end of round comp). 11 picks...time to go to work.

    Dream A
    Trade our 1st (16), 3rd (13) and another mid-3rd to move up to pick 10 in round 1.
    Trade our 1st pick in 2011 for a high 2nd in 2010 draft.
    Trade our mid-3rd and mid-4th to move into bottom of 2nd rnd.
    Select DB Eric Berry in round 1 (pick 10) about as far as he could drop at best
    Select DE Brandon Graham in early round 2.
    Select CB Kyle Wilson late in round 2.
    Select LB Daryl Washington with comp pick at end of rnd 3.
    Select DT Geno Atkins in rnd 5.
    Select RB/WR/KR/PR Dexter McCluster at end of rnd 5.
    Select RS Trindon Holliday in rnd 6.
    Select QB Jarrett Brown in round 7.
    Select P Matt Dodge at end of round 7.
    Offer FA contract to LB Obrien Schofield.

    This is how you reload a team!!!

  5. 2ToneBlueBlood

    2ToneBlueBlood Starter

    That is the million dollar question.

    I think if the draft happened exactly like I said my order would be: Cox, McCourtey, Arenas. I'm still holding out hope for McCourtey since his twin brother looks like he's going to be a player. Maybe they've progressed at the same rate but we haven't seen it as much in Jason Mc since he was in the NFL last year.
  6. luvyablue23

    luvyablue23 Camp Fodder

    Sounds great but will never happen. Our FO isn't much for wheeling and dealing. Ill go on record and say graham and wilson will not be around in 2nd .
    Get spiller or bryant and make our O unstoppable and fill in lesser talent for the D.
  7. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    I'd agree that THEY won't do it....but they SHOULD!

    I agree that Graham and Wilson are easily 1st rnd picks. I think Graham may be the most complete and safest picks of the DE's (like Orakpo was) and if Wilson runs a 4.4 or better, he's ahead of Haden (until he runs a 4.4 or better) and everyone else. He's turned it up notch after notch since his college career is over. Can't say that about too many other guys.

    I totally disagree in making our O unstoppable. The problem is if you're trying to win a shootout, a Brady or Manning or Brees or Schaub will easily have the advantage. It's a bad idea and one that history has proven to be unsuccessful. We need a great defense and the offense we have to be successful. It's HOW we were so successful two seasons ago and led the league with a 13-3 record. Did you see how the Saints went from big play offense (trying to hit homeruns) to ball control move the chains offense in the 2nd half of the Super Bowl? Indy couldn't stop them. They didn't need GREAT WR's to do that and we don't either. We have the offensive weapons to succeed, we need a BETTER defense than we have offense and we're good to go. Right now our D is WAY behind. It's not gonna get fixed in free agency which leaves the draft and prayer. I say we DRAFT some defensive studs!!!

  8. TitansBlue

    TitansBlue Camp Fodder

    course one of the main reasons this is a dream draft is because San Diego wouldn't allow themselves to be that short-sold; even on draft day and wanting spiller (or best)
  9. onetontitan

    onetontitan Marioto

    I just want Golden Tate, WR ND. The guy is a baller and has been my close friend for years. Seeing him in 2 tone blue would make my year but we don't need to fill that position. Mark my words, the kid is going to shine and make a team very happy.
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