What's Your Draft Strategy?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by satkins2252, Mar 11, 2013.

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    This is it in a nut shell. You work FA to fill a few needs and then take BPA on the list of needs left. You also have to consider the strength of the draft in up coming rounds if players are close as BPA. For example one of our needs is a WR since Britt is a moron and in his last year, DWill is also in his final year and Nate is getting up in age and expensive. But you might pas on a WR if you think you can get close to the same value n round 2 or 3. I'm also a big fan of taking trench guys early if the value is there.

    Really, who knows what FA will bring. Say we sign a guy like Bennett at DE. We have Morgan who is probably a keeper after his contract runs out and WImbley for maybe one more year. So DE isn't high on the list anymore if on the list at all.

    If we sign Levitre do we still consider an OG in round one or even the first three rounds?

    Another concern that nobody mentions is we have two OTs that will be in their last season next year. Do we consider an OT fairly early?

    Either way we need to spend the 20 mil or so on two or three solid players to fill needs. And we need to sign guys that are in the 26-27 yr old range. Otherwise those positions just become needs again in a year or so.

    Also, the way the draft looks to me I'd entertain trading down to get an extra pick or two. That is unless we need one of the top DEs. That akes it easier to get OG/C, S, RB and WR or DT in the first three rounds that can step up right away and help.
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    Our best bet to trade down is if one of the OTs is sitting there at 10. But I'm not sure I wouldn't consider taking the guy ourselves.
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    True. If Fisher were to slide to #10 (which I highly doubt) I'd snatch him up. He's gonna be good.
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    Something interesting I noticed is that DE Jadaveon Clowney may declare for the draft next year. If so he appears to be a freak DE prospect.

    I usually absolutely HATE drafting DE in the early rounds. Sometimes, though, an extremely productive player enters the draft with all the evidence to prove he is unlikely to bust. The "evidence" Im describing is physical(size, strength, and speed), production(consistent multisack/double-digit sack performances), and dependability(injuries and off-the-field decision making). Terrell Suggs and Julius Peppers represent what I'm talking about.

    Lets see how Clowney performs this year but I think he is worth the wait.

    I know most of you are saying we will never be in position to draft him but that is the teams job to put themselves in position, and I'm not talking about throwing games. No team ever drafts only stars and often they whiff on picks. If you understand that and are confident the player you target will perform, well then why not go get that player?

    Also, you have to understand the indirect affect a players addition will have. For example, if Clowney performs, at this point, how many expect him to, he will force the opposing qb's into making mistakes which the secondary will certainly appear to improve.

    Theres never only 1 way to improve a unit of a team.

    This offseason I think I would attempt to improve most importantly both gaurd positions(which may indirectly improve both Chris Johnson and Jake Locker), the DT position, and the secondary.
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    You don't make draft selections based on what might happen next year.
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    DE isn't a major need this year. We can use the draft selections to improve much more necessary positions. I'm also somewhat annoyed to hear every year how we should settle or gamble on these risky DE prospects early.
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    I'm just saying overall, teams aren't supposed to do that and it never works out the way you plan it. You draft the best way possible to improve the team, not waiting or taking a risk because this one guy is going to be in the draft next year and just maybe if we somehow turn these crazy odds we might get him.

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    A 4th round pick might be a good insurance policy.

    The kid out of Tennessee Dallas Thomas could be groomed to replace Roos or Stewart in 2 years, he's a guy that could be there for us in the 4th.

    I just think a Tackle any earlier than the 4th would be a luxury we just can't afford. It's win now or get out for Munchak.
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    After these past two days of free agency, I can totally get behind drafting Mingo at 10.

    Something like this would be Rockwellian:
    Round 1 - Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU
    Round 2 - Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee
    Round 3 - Barrett Jones, OG/C, Alabama
    Round 3 (Finny comp) - Tyrann Mathieu, DB, Streets
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    If we made absolutely no more moves in free agency this is what I would do...

    Round 1: Ezekiel Ansah DE
    Round 2: Jonathan Cyprien S
    Round 3: Markus Wheaton WR
    Round 3 (Comp): Brian Schwenke C