What's wrong with the Titans?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. Sukrillux

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    Fisher needs to get the Shanahan mentallity. He who does not make plays, does not start. Shanahan started an UDFA RB Mike Bell over Tatum in the game against us. Look what happened. Mike was apparently looking better in practice and the previous game than Tatum was. Do that Fisher. Let's see, Tulloch looked better in the previous preseason game, so I will start him this next preseason game. Bell looked better than Pillar in this.... you get the picture. Several of our starters would be different if he would just do that. Ahmard is the real deal at FB, so he gets the start and Flemming gets sent to the FA or traded. We have 3 of our top 5 WRs out due to injuries right now... I don't know how you evaluate that. Maybe Reese and Fisher don't know how to rebuild a super bowl team... Maybe that's the problem. :hmm:
  2. PhiSlammaJamma

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    Someone mentioned predetermined crapiness as a possibility. This could be our only evidence based theory at this point.
  3. rcarie

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    I wouldn't say our talent level is really that bad on D. Last year I certainly would have said talent was a huge concern and probably the main reason we stunk. This year, with the FA additions and more experience I think we have plenty of talent to get the job done. Haynesworth, KVB, Starks, and even Laboy are all, at the very least, descent. Not saying we should be dominating teams with our D but we should be, at the very minimum, competitive and we aren't. Pac looks good (when he's not in jail), Thorton looks good and so does Hope. We should be better than last year. How could we not?

    Our D really doesn't concern me as much as our Offense. If we can't score we aren't going to win no matter how well our defense plays. To me, it's time to look at Fisher and Floyd. I hate to say it but where else do you turn. Lots of people hate Schwartz on here.... Maybe your right and maybe your wrong but firing him isn't going to help keep our D off the field and it's not going to put points on the board. Offensively, I do think we lack talented players or at least big time play makers. We don't have that "go to" guy anymore like we did when we had Mac9 and Eddie, not to mention several other key guys that we could rely on. As much as the saying "step up" is over used, we do need one of our guys to do so.

    Right now we look under coached. We are weak on D when we shouldn't be and we've got one stinking touch down in three stinking games with our first string offense. I don't care how you cut it that's terrible. It's time for Fisher and Floyd to start taking some of the blame. Losing games wouldn't bother me so much if I saw improvement from time to time or year to year. To me, we look as flat as we did last year and that sucks.
  4. Childress79

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    In full agreement with Titan Jeff. Both lines are the root of our problems. Pillar & Olsen have been so bad I'd have no problems with cutting both of them & going with youth & inexperience.
  5. Michi40

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    Yes, its a very good point.

    Job security on teamsports can lead to some player to relax, not feeling the preassure of competition. And suppousedly one of training camps goal was to develope through position battles.

    I hate when teams say that getting into training camp their #1 is... whoever, when they should say:"spots will be won during training camp, whoevers head gets cut, even if it is the queen of england herself"
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    But keeping him isn't going solve the problem either. I would rather they go ahead and replace him and atleast by the end of the season we can see a D that actually hits someone. We may still give up 40 points per game but atlease someone will get their "block knocked off." I think Chow needs to show some improvement this season, he doesn't get a pass but he get the rest of the season to figure it out. If the offense improves, which I believe it will, then Chow may not be a bust. I believe in Chow because he stresses the fundamentals. Something that is lacking on the defensive side. I said earlier that Fisher as headcoach produced a trip to the superbowl so he has proven that he is a good headcoach. At the time he had difference DCs and OCs so who knows. If Fisher doesn't want to shake up his staff then he needs to go, because this isn't working.

    I am not starting a another fire Schwartz thread. Traditionally, I save that for week 2 or 3 of the regular season. But really, do you remember in the superbowl when Blaine Bishop got hurt. First, Blaine wasn't a superstar but he did hit. But when he left the game after he hurt his neck and defense stood strong. Well, until Walker slipped and gave up that touchdown. My point is that Williams did what other good coaches do. Take a back up with athletic ability and teach him what you need him to do. Just like NE did in the superbowl with against the Eagles. Take a WR and make him a corner. He hasn't played all season but yet he gets the job done. I haven't seen that with our D for what 3 years.

    just my two cents
  7. bulluck4dMVP

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    one word sums up the problem:

  8. TitanJeff

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    I'd much rather have Gregg Williams.

  9. Vigsted

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    Actually I have to reneg on my previous stance a little bit. While the defence did look like crap on TV, there are actually stats to indicate that they did good.

    What obscure stats am I talking about? The drive chart for the first half:
    5 plays, 10 yards, punt
    10 plays, 39 yards, FG
    3 plays, 80 yards, TD
    3 plays, 1 yard, punt
    3 plays, 5 yards, punt
    9 plays, 33 yards, TD
    3 plays, 2 yards, punt

    If we didn't give up the 62 yard TD run our 1st string defence actually looks good, from a numbers standpoint. And had the offence not failed on the 4th down conversion the score too would probably have been different.
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