What's wrong with the Titans...?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Gut, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. maximus

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    Differance between the Chargers and the Titans, the Chargers had the arguably the besk RB in football, LT. The Titans have Chris "Im hurt again" Brown and Travis "Ricky Williams is my idol" Henry at RB. I must say that the Titans WR do look better than the 2004 Chargers did.
  2. Nine

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    Yeah, but they had LT in '03, too...and while he was amazing, the Chargers still went 4-12.
  3. Good point, don't remember that Brown had a pretty good year in 04-05, so if our O-Line is solid enough, and Brown's injuries are only niggling ones, then we could have a decent running game, bearing in mind the change of pace with Travis ''oh my god he took drugs who cares'' Henry.
  4. Gut

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    2 things changed everything for the Chargers...they got a new OL coach (who's know touted as one of the best in the biz) and Brees finally delivered!!!

    But for us, the OL is what is dragging the offense down. Brown had a very high avg before last season (4.9 i think). Last year he was at 3.8...a full yard shorter per carry. What changed? The OL. Worse still is, we were losing a lot of those games so the avg is actually a bit inflated since teams with a big lead aren't worried about your running game.

    So why is Brown not the guy? When he was annointed as the second coming before even seeing fulltime action, I brought up durability as a concern. But when healthy, isn't he good enough? Didn't he prove that in 04-05 with 1k+ yards and a 4.9 avg over ONLY 11 starts? Seems to reason that if the OL improves the running game improves. If Brown can run 4.5-4.9 ypc then he'll be fine as long as we have a good backup. I wouldn't write Brown off so soon...

    But as far as the OL goes, can Roos play LT well? Who's gonna play RT? Will they improve or is this gonna be another learning experience year for them? If we don't have solid pass protection, they shouldn't even think about drafting Leinart and starting him from day 1. On the other hand, Young would be better at running for his life and dumping it to Troupe. On the opposing hand, having D'Brick at LT and Roos at RT could make this line one of the best in the league in 2-3 years and who our QB is wouldn't matter as much.

    And thanks to those who keep pointing out that the debate points are NOT what I think is wrong with the Titans...only areas one can debate.
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