What's the one/main thing that gives you hope for the future?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SawdustMan, Jan 5, 2013.

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    ^ see

    Gunnys gonna go out an wack a few koalas with a boomerang today. What did you do?
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    Not wishing. Just accepting reality.......... And I know, I am a horrible person :boo:
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    Back on topic...

    The one thing that gives me hope for the future is the potential of Loggains. Yeah I know I'm gonna catch a lot of mess for saying that, but he was handicapped with someone elses playbook. I think given a full offseason to incorporate HIS system and our offense will look pretty good.

    Then again, I have been in Afghanistan the last 6 months and only got to watch the Jets game so maybe I'm drinking some Kool Aid
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    Good luck, Dowell!
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    Agree with the above except we had 4 legit superbowl chances under Fisher: 99,00,02,03.

    I've stated many times that I think the organization should've professionally let McNair and Fisher go in 2006 under the guise of moving in a different direction. That or whatever it took to keep McNair on the roster (if we were keeping Fisher).

    Too soon to tell.

    Here is where you are wrong and I have to stop you. (And I'm annoyed because I've already posted this and am really tired of dispelling false claims on here)

    Loss at Steelers 34-7
    Loss vs Ravens 25-10
    Loss vs Colts 31-10
    Loss at Colts 35-3
    Loss at Jags 40-13

    We were worse in 2005 (4-12) and we were also getting blown out.

    So a new coach = Superbowl next year? Or Playoff next year? Of if they don't make the playoffs in 2 years then we blow up the team and get a new coach again?

    Really? Care to give any examples of his apparent desperation? Why cause he tried to sign one of the best QBs to play the game? Is that a real criticism?

    I don't think Bud or anyone could've predicted the DRAMA that was the 5 Fisher/VY years. Remember Bud was actually considering replacing Fisher had we done poorly in 1999 so that kind of kills the rolling with Fisher thing. I think he respected enough of what Fisher did from 99-03 to give him a chance with VY and that was a big mistake. Either no VY or we needed to hire a Head Coach like Mack Brown that would coddle his players.
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  7. Alex1939

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    How is he putting his selfish desires ahead of the organization? Explain what those selfish desires are.
  8. SawdustMan

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    I don't see how anyone can with a straight face argue that he was NOT under-qualified. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean he won't eventually evolve into a good coach. But typically guys who have been position coaches their whole life don't make the leap directly to NFL head coach. He didn't even have experience running an offense. In my mind, that's under-qualified. It's fine to disagree though.

    Sorry Francis, but it's you who is wrong here. Or at least you missed my point (what's new?). I didn't say we weren't ever getting blown out in those seasons.

    2012: -144 point differential
    2005: -122 point differential
    2004: -95 point differential

    Now let's look at games where we lost by 20 or more points, shall we...
    New England (lost by 21)
    San Diego (lost by 28)
    Houston (lost by 24)
    Minnesota (lost by 23)
    Chicago (lost by 31)
    Green Bay (lost by 48)

    Piitsburgh (lost by 27)
    Indy (lost by 21)
    Indy (lost by 32)
    Jacksonville (lost by 27)

    San Diego (lost by 21)
    Indy (lost by 27)
    Denver (lost by 21)

    So we got absolutely massacred three times in 2004, four times in 2005 and six times in 2012. Unless you're strictly looking at the W/L record, I don't see how you can argue this wasn't a worse season (although I'm 100% confident you will try). I'm also just considering my experiences watching the games. I found it MUCH more difficult to watch this sorry excuse for a team this year than I did those 4-12/5-11 years. But that may just be me. Again, I said "I consider 2012 to be our worst season". You continually have trouble accepting the reality that some people have opinions that are different from your own. Get over it.

    There you go trying to spin my words again. Not sure how to respond to this as I didn't even remotely imply any of that in my post.

    Again, not real sure why you're bringing up Manning. But okay.

    I feel I already explained what I meant. But I'll do it again. I think, due to his age, he's a lot less willing to make moves that deep down he probably knows need to be made. Because he doesn't have time for patience. Dude's probably got a handful of years left, AT BEST. And he realizes this. So he's staying the course and praying it all comes together. Because he doesn't want/can't wait around for another coach/front office to go through a rebuilding process.

    I'm sure you won't agree with any of this but it is my opinion and I'm not interested in stating and re-stating it over and over for you. So let's just move on.
  9. Alex1939

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    So you would rather have 2 more losses but 2 less blowouts. I'd rather have 2 more wins and get blown out 2 more times, but really they were both bad seasons.

    I really think your perspective is simply jaded by time and because 2005 is more of distant memory while 2012 is fresh.

    My real point is that we were getting blown out in 2005 just like we were getting blown out in 2012. And lets not act like 22 points difference over 16 games is some massive differential, you are really reaching.

    You can always quit being a crybaby just because I disagree with you with facts.

    Nah let me just show you factually where you are wrong.

    2 years ago we made a coaching change. We only have 31 players on the roster pre-2011. Several of those players contracts are expiring now and will be let go. Some of those players are quality (or were) including: Roos, Stewart, Bironis, Chris Johnson, Britt, Cook, McCourty, Kern, Derrick Morgan (and some of those are arguable I know).

    That is still 42% of the roster joining in 2011 and 2012.

    If that isn't patience, the willingness to change, and a massive rebuild then what is??

    What I really think is that you are just spitting misguided vitriol in every direction whether it be posters that disagree with you, directed towards Bud Adams when you don't have good specifics that make sense, or really just anywhere and anyone because of your massive butthurt over the 2012 season. A shame really because I always like you as a poster but I guess now you have a personal problem against me because of the term "fake fan". Laughable really.
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    Please Alex. For the love of god. READ. Just read.

    I'm not even talking about what I'd rather have. I'm just saying I personally feel 2012 was the worst product I've seen on the field. Personally, I don't take much more solace in 6 wins as opposed to 4. Either way we sucked and weren't in the playoffs.

    It's possible.

    Again, never said or "acted like" 22 points is a massive differential. I was just offering up a statistical rebuttal to your post.


    Wow. So missed my point. I give up.

    Dude. It's getting incredibly difficult to even take you remotely seriously. I repeatedly say it's fine to disagree. And if you'll look back at our disagreements, I think you'll find that 90% of the time YOU are the one who injects hostility into the conversation, like a child.

    I always liked you as a poster as well. And I still do for the most part. Not sure why you believe I have a personal problem with you? But oh well. I've disagreed with just about everyone here at one point or another. And I have zero problem leaving disagreements in the thread they occur in. You on the other hand, are the one who seems to never be able to let go. So tell me again who is the "butthurt" one?

    I have no problem vehemently disagreeing with you in this thread and then having friendly conversation in another. Because at the end of the day, it's a freaking internet forum. I don't take it too seriously. And I've certainly never lost a second of sleep over an encounter on goTitans.
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