What's our pitch to Andy Levitre?

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    Its obvious that we all want Levitre and i am sure thats on the Titans staff as well. He is definatly what we need in fixing the interior of our offensive line and will benefit us. However have we thought much on what will benefit him coming to Tenn?What do we have to offer him? If you were the gm what would you tell him that would aid in him coming here?. I for one would point towards the money we would be willing to give him. How much we value him and the importance of what he would be on our roster. I would also mention that we have two hall of fame Ol coaches that would value him and create a special bond perhaps.
  2. SawdustMan

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    "I hope you like money more than winning, because we are truly god awful."
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  3. Laserjock

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    I am guessing the discussion would go something like this....

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  4. The Hammer

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    1. There are only like 4 guards in the HOF (Soon to be 5 with Larry Allen) that I can think of and two of them are on the Titans coaching staff
    2. No state income tax in Tennessee. After years living in New York this will be a big draw for Levetrie. Do not underestimate the tax thing. It is not how much you make, it is how much you keep
    3. Lifestyle is good in Nashville. Again, not to be underestimated. This is not the NBA where everyone wants to be in a huge city or South Beach. NFL guys appreciate a city like Nashville. Even a guy like Hass who spent most of his life in Boston and Seattle (with a short stop in Green Bay) loves Nashville
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  5. RavensShallBurn

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    "We're not Buffalo."
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  6. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    LOL I was thinking the same thing.............. But then what separates us from the other 30 teams ;)
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    1. See if he's married and go out of your way to impress his wife. If your married, then you know what I'm talking about (if momma isn't happy ...)
    2. State tax
    3. Laying everything out on the table (admitting mistakes) and how you plan on fixing things. Honesty is appreciated in a world full of lies.

      For starters.
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  8. titantrusince82

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    Have Faith Hill give him a tour around Nashville! Make sure that Tim McGraw is out of state, and have her where something that shows off her legs.
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    PRAY IV M3RCY Starter

    Wow i forgot how desperate we truly are right now....
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  10. The Hammer

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    Does not have a wife but does have a girlfriend:


    Also, we should attack the other teams that will be interested. So far I have found these teams which are interested:

    • Detroit: Pathetic franchise that makes even Buffalo look good. City is also an even bigger dump than Buffalo (Sorry Detroit, love ya but the city is a train wreck. Last time I was there I saw the tops of apartment buildings collapsing and block after block of commercial areas that were 100% vacant)
    • San Diego: City is amazing and he is a California boy. But he is a Nor-Cal boy. And no one hates So Cal more than Nor Cal. Play on that hate!
    • Philadelphia: They love to sign Bill OLs. Beyond the obvious with Philly--Trash Chip Kelly. Which should not be hard. Levetrie is an OSU (Oregon State) alum and the Oregon-OSU rivalry is a nasty one. You can also ask him if he wants to stand around pirouette with blockers in Kelly's ballet offense or do real blocking in a real offense. Then say "You know, Kelly is just using the NFL to hide out while the NCAA is investigating violations at Oregon. As soon as that is over you can be sure he he will run back to the easy life in the NCAA"
    We need to be proactive!

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