Rumor What Will We Give Up For Brady?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RealestWhiteBoy, Jan 2, 2019.

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    NE fans are funny as hell. They are all in on Brady when they are winning but when they lose forget about it. When they lost to the Titans and then lost back to back games a few weeks ago every fan was on the ledge with the noose around their necks ready to jump because Brady is washed up. Local sports talk radio was on fire with the "Brady is done" talk. Now that they are the #2 seed Brady is the best qb in the league, he's got another 5 solid years left, and bring on chip #6. Comical is an understatement to describe NE fans. Brady holds the keys to that organization and Kraft is extremely loyal to him so a potential extension is doable if Brady wants it. Brady is no dummy,money isn't important to him thats why he's always taken the hometown discount. Between all the TB12 books,diet meals,clothes,other endorsements, and his wife the man is set. Like I said if they win, he's done but if not he'll be on the fence next season. He knows he's one solid hit away from potentially disintegrating so it's all about longevity to him not money.
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