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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by user44, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. user44

    user44 Guest

    What does everyone here think about what our offseason plan should be? I think a trade for Philip Rivers would be a phenomenal idea, seeing that Mack won't last much longer and Drew Rosenhaus probably won't let Volek stay another year here.
    What do we do with our draft? I think our secondary should be much improved next year and our backers aren't bad. I think we need a big DL acquisition. I like Vandenbosch and Haynesworth, but our run-d has to improve, I think a run stopping DT like Wright from Texas would be a great choice. We should also look into a new backup QB, taking Jay Cutler in the 3rd round would be a great pickup.

    Finally, here is who I think will be released:
    Tyrone Calico - I can tell he played LB in college
    Steve McNair - It pains me to say this but I don't think he should stay, he's not having fun and he shouldn't risk his health. He should retire a Titan
    Brad Hopkins - He's just old, I think we need to part ways with his age and salary. We really don't have anyone to replace him tho
    Travis Henry - Hasn't proven anything this year
    Billy Vole - See above

    I think those are the big names that will see some turnover, we'll probably lose some of the young LB's and DT's and a few guys here and there. In conclusion, here's what needs to happen

    1) Stop the run
    2) Get a QB for the future
    3) Develop/Get receivers who can catch
    4) Solidify running game

    Next year 7-9
    2007: Back to playoffs
  2. smili

    smili Starter

    I honestly see us at much worse than 7-9 if Steve isn't back and we move to a new QB. The biggest need is defense - upgrade in aggression and ball swarming. We've lost alot of attitude on D and they've gotta get it back somehow.
  3. rcarie

    rcarie Tac Head

    Steve will renegotiate. We need to get rid of Lamont Thompson and work on picking up another LB. Dereick Smith will be available from SF and he's pretty damn good. I'm really kind of waiting on last years draft class with Laboy, Starks, Odom, and Shobel to kick it up a notch. It will be their third season as a pro and it will be time to start carrying the load a little more. As for Calico, I'd just assume see him go, though, I don't think it'll happen next year. We need more help on the Oline too. These guys are getting pounded every game. Floyd is gonna have to pick up a couple players from free agency. We can't rely on draft picks every year or it'll be a repeat of this year. I think he'll have a little more preasure next year to produce so he'll surely go after a couple good vets.

    If it were me I would go after Rivers first. Trade our 1st round pick and something in the lower rounds to, if need. We've had a couple big draft classes and we really don't need another huge draft calss. It won't help. Next, I would find a safety. Not sure who but someone who's a bad a$$ and will make plays. Not to mention help our young corners as they need all the help they can get. Next I would go after a MLB. Again, not sure who but definately someone that'll get the job done. I would draft Oline with my higher picks. From there you ride her all the way to the Super Bowl.:lol:
  4. KamikaZ

    KamikaZ Ex-Hall of Famer

    Good post. Basically took the words from out my mouth.
  5. DeutschTitan

    DeutschTitan Camp Fodder

    OK, I agree with most of this, but one question: Get rid of LT or Tank? Tanks an FA, would you rather him stay or go along with LT? Please clarify. I'm not familiar with Smith, but I trust you know your talent; worth a look I'm sure. I agree that LaBoy, Starks, Odom and Shobel need to step it up, but looking at LaBoy's stats it looks like he's on pace to double his production from last year - which is extremely positive. Starks is in a sophmore slump, Odom needs a little more time and I don't know about Shobel - havn't heard a thing out of him since last year. Calico's got himself another year to show his worth. As for the OL, I don't know if we'll bring in any FA's there. Who knows, I'd certainly like to see some commitment there other than draft picks. But it's certain that Amano will replace Hartwig and Bell will either be at RT or one of the open Guard spots.

    I don't get why people think Rivers is such a sure thing. He's sat on the bench for two years and we don't know what this kids got. Some use the arguement, "he's been in a NFL system for two years". So what, I guess we might as well go trade for Bollinger - he's been in a system for awhile and he's atleast played a freakin NFL game(this is sarcasm, btw, for those who aren't picking up on it - I don't want Brooks Bollinger). The other thing is, Rivers is going to come at a hefty price, too, in terms of draft picks and I recall readin that whoever picks him up will have to take on his current contract numbers or something like that. We can't afford it - that's for sure. I'd rather hold onto our picks, let Reese do what he's best at and that's work in the draft and then sprinkle in some solid/key vets here and there. That's how we'll get back to where we were, starting with next season. With your plan, we get someone at QB whose no different from any of the QB's in this draft and leaves us with limited picks in later rounds where some of the more solid talent is gone, leaving more developmental type players.
  6. THE53

    THE53 Guest

    Ok, so I got a few things. You are saying to drop McNair and Volek, Volek because he hasnt proven anything this year, and trade for Phillip Rivers, in which the only way to do so would to trade our first round pick. Ok, so say we do that, we are left with Rivers, and two crappy backups. You say Volek hasnt proven anything, but what about Rivers? He never gets on the field. You cant trust all this talk about him, especially when you want him to be the only QB on your team.

    You want to draft a run-stuffing DT, like Wright, but we wont be able to get him without our pick. Also, Starks is only 22 years old, and it would be dumb to give up on him and take away his starting job, especially since he has shown good health. I think the way to help with our run defense is to draft a linebacker, our position of most need. Sirmon is always hurt, slow, and not a bit fierce, not to mention he cant tackle. Kassel is slow, cant tackle either, and also is lacking intensity. AJ Hawk is fast, intense, and can tackle great, so he would be perfect. Another way to go could be safety, cus we have all seen our safeties blow tackles that went for long gains.

    Jay Cutler is not going to last to the 3rd round, and he will probably be gone late first. Everyone is talking about him.

    The four points you said we need to address in the draft are really good, but i just think that a linebacker is more in need than a d-lineman.
  7. rcarie

    rcarie Tac Head

    As for LT or Tank, I would like to see them upgrade the safety position so if it means getting rid of either one of them than so be it. I'm not sure about contract conditions but we certainly need to improve back there. I think that Last years draft class will not only have to step up but I think they're getting ready to. Going into their third year it's time to show what they can do. Hopefully, they're up to the challenge. It's my opinion that when you have a group of young talented guys you need to put some talent around them. The Dline needs to improve against the run but I think that has in part to do with our LB's not getting the job done either. I remember when Randall Godfrey used to knock squeaky farts out of guys that came up through the middle. We need another guy like that. Who that is, I don't know.

    The way things are going we're going to be picking somewhere between 6-9 in the draft and I think that Rivers would be a better fit than any QB we could get with that pick. Just speculation though, who know what will happen for sure. We'll have the money to get him next year too. No more dead money and we'll be under the cap by $10 mill going into next season. Besides, we'll have to pay anyone we get so I don't see the difference.
  8. user44

    user44 Guest

    Billy Volek has proven himself, that's why his agent Drew Rosenhaus is going to shop hm to teams in need of qb's, I can see him in a saint's uniform next year and plenty of other places. I would love to keep him but you have to remember that Drew Rosenhaus is a real big pain in the *** for GM's and he'll wreak havoc if Volek isn't starting next year. We don't necessarily need to give up this year's 1st to get Philip Rivers, there have been plenty of deals that have involved a 3rd this year and a 1st next year or something along those lines. I think highly of Bulluck and Sirmon which is why I don't think we need a lineback that bad. Not to mention the last great LB out of ohio state was andy katzenmoyer and we all know how that turned out. Admittedly, we definitely need a better mike but I think having two big DT's like Wright and Haynesworth would have far better results in both our pass rush and our run-d. Cutler isn't as hot an item as you think he is, most mock drafts have him going 2nd to 3rd, the senior bowl and combine will ultimately determine where he goes but his stock fell over the course of the season due to Vandy's losing streak (Putting up 17 or whatever it was against a mediocre mtsu defense hurt).

    I do agree that my scenario is pretty unrealistic but I wouldn't entirely rule it out
  9. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer Tip Jar Donor

    as what?

    he cant win and he can put up decent numbers against poor defense's. And he is fragile.
  10. Troupe4Prez

    Troupe4Prez Guest

    Actually Cutlers stock is as high as its ever been, leading the SEC in passing, beating UT, and leading Vanderbilt to a long awaited 5 wins speaks volumes. On the radio the other day they said that if Leinart were to switch places with Cutler USC would still have gone undefeated but Vanderbilt probably wouldn't have won 5 games and I can definitely see that. Several mocks have him going in the top 15 and Mel Kiper has him placed in the top 12.
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