What should the Titans do about CJ's contract?

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Who is right?

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  1. CJ has the right to break his legal contract.

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  2. Management should never show good faith and start negotiations with a high performing employee.

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  3. Both are wrong and need to change what they are doing now

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  4. Both are right and should continue to ignore what's best for the team.

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    He may want the moon, but he isn't going to get it. Saying that he wanted to be the highest paid offensive player in the NFL just showed how much he doesn't get it. That's his agent's problem, not the Titans. His agent is going to have to convince him that it's not even possible that he'll get paid like a QB. He won't make more than say 9 million per season, and that's even if he gets grossly overpaid.

    Quite frankly, I don't think any RB is worth more than 6 or 7 million per season, and even that is a huge risk. But that's not the point, it's just my opinion.

    Back onto this, CJ is incredibly unlikely to post anything close to 2000 yards next season. No one has ever done it before. Quite frankly, he would have topped out at 17-1800 if we hadn't force fed him so many carries down the stretch. I think it's pretty unlikely that he tops 300 carries next season (or at least he shouldn't), and in that case, it's almost impossible for him to put up similar numbers. He's have to have over 6 yards per carry, which he only did in 5 games last season, and he had a long run in all of those.

    Anyway, almost no matter what happens this season, it's better for the Titans if they don't pay him until after it. There's a reasonable market limit on how much he can possibly be paid, and he's already thinking far ahead of it. At some point, he'll come back down and accept an offer, once we start making serious offers. We shouldn't start doing that until after this coming season.
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