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    The Titans’ failure to defend two plays late in Sunday’s game against Detroit – the Lions’ successful onside kick and the Lions’ successful Hail Mary pass – almost proved disastrous for Tennessee.

    On Monday, Titans coach Mike Munchak talked about what should have happened on both plays.

    • First, the onside kick, which went straight through the first line of Titans’ defenders, bounced past wide receiver Damian Williams and was recovered by Detroit’s Amari Spievey.
    Aside from Williams not catching the ball, Munchak pointed out a second problem.

    “You block the guy that’s free, that made the reception,” Munchak said. “Because even if you don’t recover the onside kick, it probably goes out of bounds if that guy is blocked, the guy that recovered it. So we failed at that.”

    • Second, the 46-yard Hail Mary pass, which was tipped by Titans linebacker straight into the hands of Lions receiver Titus Young, who was uncovered at the goal line.
    “If you can catch it, catch it,” Munchak said. “If you’re up there and you got it, take it. If not, obviously you want to knock it down, not up. And then you box out. So everyone has a role. Obviously we didn’t execute that.”

    Munchak didn’t want to pin too much of the blame on Ayers.

    “He’s trying to make a play, trying to knock it down to the ground and he didn’t quite get it the way he wanted,” Munchak said. “He didn’t get enough of the ball that he thought he was going to get.

    “Having said that, some guys were watching. You have to get in that area … knowing that the ball is going to bounce off someone.”

    Source: Titans Insider
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