What SHOULD happen NOW!!!

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Gut, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. zackmann

    zackmann Guest

    here in Memphis, the Memphis tigers fired their D-coordinator and the head coach, tommy west, is taking over the D...

    I hope my other favorite football team follows...
  2. This is still the preseason. Only now it's the 2007 preseason...
  3. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    Dude...wake up!

    Even if we go 3 and out and punt everytime, we should NOT be giving up 40 points a game vs a team featuring a QB who's making only his 2nd NFL start!

    And as far as our D carrying the load? I counted 48 offensive plays by SD in the FIRST HALF!!! We got a 3 and out ONCE on D. They not only moved the ball on just about every possession, but they also had a 14 play drive to march down the field ending the first quarter going into the second.

    Yeah, LT avg'd fewer yards per carry and we held him to less than 100 yards rushing, but they still lit up our D and LT finished with MORE than enough yards via the rush and catches to kill us.

    Bottom line is, if our O played better, the score might have been a little closer, but we got wrecked.


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