What makes Cutler look even better

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Titanpride, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. RollTide

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    Personal? What the hell are you talking about? The guy is supposed to be the best damn athlete to come out at QB since vick and he didn't want to run a 40!

    Of course you don't care what he runs because you don't make a million dollars a year to make these decisions. You won't get fired because you drafted the wrong guy. Common sense would tell you that nfl teams that spent a lot of money to see this man workout might want to see him run before they use a 3rd pick on him. Daaaaa.

    You actually used his being unprepared as an excuse. Is that what the titans want with their third pick? A guy who is not prepared for the most basic obvious drills?

    Are you telling me that it would be normal for a top prospect to not run for anyone before the draft? A QB prospect no less who's strength as a player is supposed to be his athleticism?
  2. For one thing... please, anyone who questions Vince's running abilities is a complete and utter fool. His running prowess has as much to do with his size, his acceleration/deceleration, and is freaky Matrix-time warp elusiveness than it does to pure speed (as measured in a timed 40). Like a good bull fighter, he has a god given knack for making people miss, sometimes by centimeters; and when they do manage to land a hand on him, he has the size to brush it off.

    I would hope that pro scouts would have enough sense to realize this.

    Will Reggie run the 40 for his pro day? Will Matt? Don't they both have something to prove, Reggie being called the fastest man to play the game and Matt's only real knock is his perceived lack of elusiveness (which he denies)? Shouldn't they have to justify their lofty predraft positions?

    As far as why Vince ran, the reports I've seen chalk it up to competitiveness. Vince saw his teammates warming up and running, they started egging him on, likely some scouts started egging him on, and with the gauntlet thrown down, he has to take up the challenge. I doubt it had anything to do with his "management" aside from the fact that they couldn't stop him.
    And contrary to what's being speculated here, reports from workouts after the RoseBowl (but before he had hired Rhome) said that Vince had been working on running the 40, quoting him as saying he was stuck around the 4.4 level and he was trying to break into the 4.3's. Obviously he didn't make that and I bet he was pretty disappointed that his time wasn't better.

    But knocking a 6-5 230+ QB for running a mid 4.5 is like knocking Cindy Crawford for having a mole. Knocking him for not doing the vertical jump or broad jump is just as absurd. If I'm choosing sides for a pickup Basketball game and have to choose between Young, Leinart, Bush or Cutler, there's little doubt who I'm gonna pick. :winker:
  3. theprizdfighter

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    I remember watching the Rose Bowl and Texas was on offense. One of the USC linebacker's blitzed and hit Young. Young didn't even move!! He held his ground as if it was a fly that just landed on him. He stood strong and completed a pass with a USC linebacker on him.

    Young's overall physical strength is amazing. He may not be the fastest scrambling QB ever (I'm sure his 40 time could have been better though), but he has ridiculous vision on the field which allows him to gain so many yards and choose the right path to the endzone. He can make people miss andOne style.

    His accuracy is fine. He didn't have the highest completion percentage for nothing. His ability to run, run and throw, throw, make people miss, stay in the pocket take a hit and still make a completion all combine to make him worthy of our #3 pick. If he is on the board, which he will be, when the Titans are on the clock and we don't take him, we will be making a huge mistake.
  4. Soxcat

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    Pickup B-ball game? Cutler was all state in HS and Leinart apparently can shoot well. What does that have to do with anything?

    Obviously VY doesn't have to prove anything as far as running ability. A point could be made however that if he prepared and was able to run a sub-4.5 his stock could have been improved. Prior to the combine VY didn't have a whole lot to gain by working out but he has slipped a little and putting on an athletic show wouldn't have hurt him. Now we have all the talk about how slow he was compared to what was expected. In short, VY could have done a better job of selling his talent if he had prepared and performed well.
  5. Vigsted

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    So if VY doesn't have to prove he can run, is it ok for Leinart to not throw accurately come his pro day? I mean if you look at his games you can clearly see he's accurate, so he doesn't need to throw, except for just chucking it deep to show armstrength... :sad2:
  6. Torch7

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    Huge difference... They are QB's they throw the ball... 40 times don't have as much bearing on QB's, as it does say Running Backs or recievers.

    Why are people disappointed with his 40 time? Because looking at film, they would sware he is alot faster? If Matt went out and ran a 4.95, people wouldn't trip on that at all.
  7. Vigsted

    Vigsted Starter

    The concern, for me anyways, isn't that he didn't run fast. That's not a big deal in my book and would just be an added bonus. The problem was he didn't realise it was expected of him, which is bad planning/counceling.
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