What is Jaworski's Deal?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by skitch, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. Crash Override

    Crash Override inVINCEable

    I repeated myself there lol. I don't listen to this bs about Young not progressing, the stats don't lie. Young is a playmaker flat out, he will be fine.
  2. i remember a while back there was an article about fisher putting vince in, in those types of situations so that it would make it that much harder for the defense
  3. moose4now

    moose4now Starter

    What other way would you expect Jaworski to scream?

    He's an idiot.
  4. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler


    BAMARON Camp Fodder

    I've come to expect NOTHING from the national media...Lets face it, we're a market they don't really care for...( being from the south I've learned to live with the abuse)

    All we can do is win...If you win enough games, they got to give you some respect...Til then, don't expect much
  6. Crash Override

    Crash Override inVINCEable


    Exactly. They will bash you in every way possible when your team is like this. But when we start winning games, the media will say they called it and knew it would happen.

    BAMARON Camp Fodder

    YEP...You can be sure they'll take credit for "knowing"
  8. MadAboutMcNair

    MadAboutMcNair Starter

    At this point in time anyone that is dissing Young is just full up on Hatorade. Anyone that has ever played football or watched football who has watched Vince has been amazed at him. In college he was the most electric player in the country (sorry Reggie B), and this guy just exudes a calm assertive confidence. Leadership and athletic ability. If his last name was Manning they would be on his Jock. Vince just keeps on progressing. Was there any question in the last game who was better Vince or A. Rodgers? Rodgers has had a whole year of NFL experience and he looked like a bum compared to VY.

    The only thing that could hold up VY from being a good NFL QB is injury. The only thing that could keep him from being Great is desire. I'm not worried about VY. I hope he gets some playing time this weekend. And I hope he starts 5-6 games later this year.
  9. Gene the PIG

    Gene the PIG I'm Winning The Future


    Yep, a day after the Green Bay game, when everyone else was praising Vince for solid rookie effort, Hoge went on national cable television & said that Vince "shouldn't have even been DRAFTED!"

    Can you believe that?!

    The other guy said, "Isn't that a bit harsh? He's afterall, a rookie?" Hoge said that Floyd has "much to answer to for wasting the 3rd pick in the draft on VY." Said he shouldn't have even been drafted!


    Said all of the same crap that he said pre-draft ... also said that Vince hasn't progressed at ALL. Obviously, he & Jaworski suckle off of the same ***. I hate the living crap out of both.

    Even if they end up being correct, I'll still hate them for being such members about it.
  10. Vigsted

    Vigsted Starter


    Well, imo, Young is already further along in his rookie year than Vick was in his and probably McNair too, so I think he has a promising future.
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