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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Jwill1919, Feb 9, 2006.

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    IMO Reese will look strongly at trading further down in the second to try and get a 3rd round pick back. We have alot of needs and there are alot of 2nd round talent guys who will get pushed into the 3rd round. I can't imagine Mathias Kiwanuka making it out of the 1st round with so many teams looking for quality pass rushers. Part of the reason Kiwanuka had a tough week at the Senior Bowl was because he spent most of his time going against Ferguson.
  2. Ragevsuall

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    It wasn't just Kiwi being dominated by D'Brick during the Senior Bowl week. Colledge dominated him in the Bowl Game. The only time Kiwi even got close to the QB, was when they finally switched him to LDE and got his lone sack. As a RDE, he managed to get nothing on Colledge, so the team ended up switiching him to LDE almost exclusively in the 2nd half. He also didn't have the kind of year that was expected of him.

    Kiwi is another guy (Leinart) who lost millions of dollars by staying in college an extra year. He went from a top 5 draft spot last year to possibly out of the first round this year. Amazing.
  3. wplatham

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    What is all this about McNeil being overweight? Yeah, he weighs 330 lbs. but he's also 6'9. That isn't overweight. I thought McNeil was a first rounder, too? I'd love to get him if he falls out of the first.
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