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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

    What I think they are thinking Tuesday at the four team headquarters in the AFC South...

    Houston Texans

    Yeah, we're only 5-7 and we have a lot of regrets. Yeah, people are saying we looked like ketchup bottles or popsicles in our head-to-toe Battle Red uniforms on Monday Night Football.

    But it sure is nice to be in third place instead of last and it sure was nice to show of Steve Slaton and Mario Williams and some of our other guys on national TV.

    The road's not been very good to us or to Matt Schaub, so we sure hope the Packers continue to struggle when we get to Lambeau Field.

    Indianapolis Colts

    People are questioning our win in Cleveland. What's that about? No it wasn't pretty. But it's the sign of an awfully good team to be able to go on the road, get a terrible offensive performance and still find the plays to win.

    It would be nice to come out of a game without a new injury concern, but now we're expecting to be without linebacker Gary Brackett for at least this week and defensive tackle Keyunta Dawson for longer than that.

    Lucky for us we've got the Bengals and Lions back-to-back at home. We're plenty good enough to outplay those two teams ever if we're missing some more key guys, and safety Bob Sanders should be back.

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Guys like Fred Taylor and Khalif Barnes are saying just what we want to hear - that the final month of the season means plenty even though our best-case scenario is 8-8 in a season when some pundits were picking us as a Super Bowl team.

    But if we're honest with ourselves, we're a broken and dysfunctional team now and the end can't come soon enough. We love David Garrard, but he can't carry us when other things don't work, and that's basically what we need him to do. He was beat up heading into Monday night and he's no better after three sacks by Mario Williams.

    You know things aren't great when the biggest topic the day after the game is whether Jack Del Rio's tie and leather coat combo worked.

    Tennessee Titans

    We've got clinching scenarios this weekend, and sooner is always better than later. We win our home game against Cleveland, we win the AFC South and accomplish goal No. 1 with three games remaining.

    Lest anyone think a game against Cleveland will be a breeze, we'll offer a look at the game against the Colts last week, when Indy barely got by.

    It was nice to have a couple days off after the Thanksgiving Day game and it will be easier to jump into a game plan Wednesday since we're rested.

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    I think we will win Sunday, but i dont think any other scenario is gonna go our way.
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