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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky What I think they are thinking in the four team headquarters of the AFC South...

    Houston Texans

    We have the fourth-rated offense in the NFL, behind only New Orleans, Denver and the Giants. If only our schedule was flipped and we had played these easier games early, maybe we would have taken a little momentum in against the better teams and knocked one of them off.

    It's hard not to think back to Sage Rosenfels' implosion against Indianapolis. If we won that game like we should have, we'd be in second place in the AFC South. If Pat Williams and Kevin Williams wind up suspended for the Vikings, we're unlucky it won't be until after we play them. Lose at Minnesota, we undo a lot of the good work of our first three-game winning streak.

    Indianapolis Colts

    We are not a players-only meeting team. We are not a screaming-coach-delivering-a-message team. But how do we get our finger on what exactly is going on here? When Bill Polian and Tony Dungy huddle in the locker room after the game, and Polian has a similar talk with Manning, it's not hard for them to figure out what's gone wrong.

    It's much harder, however, to figure out how to fix it. Coaches and management don't want us to think so, but it's hard not to start carrying the question with us in all we do: is this just a lost season?

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    We held things together waiting for offensive line reinforcements to arrive. Then center Brad Meester comes back and is part of the problem as Cleveland's Shaun Rogers handled us. Even worse, guard Chris Naeole was finally ready and he broke his hand in warm-ups and may be finished for the season.

    Are you kidding us? There comes a point that no matter how well we've held things together, you start to wonder if it's just not meant to be. Jack Del Rio will work hard not to let us think like that. He's pretty ticked off at us. We need to calm down and realize, as bad as things are after that loss to Cleveland, we're only a game out of the pack that will fight for Wild Card spots.

    Tennessee Titans

    Whew, we're tired. That was a special night in Nashville. Not only do we have a four-and-a-half game lead over the other three AFC South teams, we have a two-game lead on the AFC Field for homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. We showed everybody what we're all about. But post Code Blue, we've got to be wary of a letdown. Our next three make for a tough stretch: Green Bay, at Chicago and at Jacksonville.

    The Packers have been resting up. They get us on a short week; we get them coming off a bye. That steady unflappability we get from our coach needs to shine through again now. The good news? Green Bay's 25th against the run. Rest well Chris Johnson and LenDale White, another big work day is just around the corner.

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