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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky WhatÂ*I Â*think they're thinking this Monday in the four team headquarters in the AFC South...
    Houston Texans
    We did not do that. Rewind that again. There is no way Sage Rosenfels actually tried to hurdle a defensive back to convert a third down when he could have slid, we could have punted and odds are we could have held on.Â*At least we don't have a quarterback controversy.
    Our guys talked of how they were stunned and speechless. That could have been a franchise turning win and now we've got to work to make sure our guys don't go in the tank. And while at the start of the season it looked like we had superior talent to Miami, the Dolphins come in here with wins over New England and San Diego. It doesn't matter if our people are better than their people if their plan and execution are superior.
    Indianapolis Colts
    Five good minutes isn't going to be enough in a game over the next five weeks. We pulled to 2-2 with that miracle served up on a silver tray yesterday in Houston. But if we cannot get in sync and start to play like the Colts of the last five years, we could well be finished in five weeks after this stretch: Baltimore, at Green Bay, at Tennessee New England and at Pittsburgh.
    The Titans just eked out a win against the Ravens, but they are a physical team that stood toe-to-toe with a member of the same fraternity. We've got no chance in that kind of game. We have to find a way to get them on the run and frustrate them with finesse. The best route to that is an early lead. They'll try to hit us in the mouth from the opening snap. We've got to come up with a plan where we can dodge and move.
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Even when we're draped on a quarterback we can find a way to let him complete a clutch pass. Ridiculous. Our defense is tied for 21st overall and our run game is 19th. The way we are built, we've got to be to fare a lot better in those two departments to have success. It's no wonder we are 2-3.
    We've got to get healthy in the secondary or we run the risk of getting picked apart by Jay Cutler in Denver Sunday the way we got picked apart by Ben Roethlisberger. The Broncos played much better defensive in beating Tampa Bay, but we've got to be super-assertive with Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew to establish the run game.
    Tennessee Titans
    Finally, a three-point victory! Now that's more traditional Titans football. Kidding aside, we've established that we are as physical as any team in football with our wins over Minnesota and at Baltimore and now we get a bit of rest and a chance to assess some new injuries before preparing for a trip to Kansas City.
    Our guys don't need to be reminded, but we'll mention it anyway: that Oct. 27 Monday Night Football game at LP Field against Indianapolis will be a lot sweeter if we are 7-0 at kickoff. So don't look any further ahead than the Chiefs. Let's get in a good couple days of work, then enjoy a three-day weekend. Don't be the guy to be involved in some incident that keeps us in the news when all should be quiet.

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