What I saw from Locker today + QB comparison

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    I dont care how great his numbers are, if he cant get it done when it matters most he is a scrub. You are either born with the clutch gene or not, and clearly he is not. I would rather him put up terrible numbers but yet we still get the win. At least VY could win when it mattered most and could lead a come back. Locker is just plain bad in crunch time. 2-6 as a starter with much more talent then VY ever had!!

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    Too early in his career for this to be true.

    Come see me in a year or two.

    And shut up with this VY nonsense. He lost to anyone over .500
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    Well Locker cant win against people under .500 either lol

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    He's on a worse all around team.

    I'm not claiming Locker is invincible or clutch (yet), but he has the makings to some day be great.

    If I was a betting man, I'd put my money on Locker over Young.
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    Please explain how he doesn't show a lot of signs of leadership?
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    I thought Locker had a good game. Couple bad throws.

    He overthrew Kendall and Nate Washington for Redzone TDs.
    That terrible Pick-6.

    If he connected on atleast one of those TDs and made a better read on the Pick-6, we may have another W.
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    What you're saying would be true if jake had been a starting QB In the NfL for 3 years already, but it means nothing because Jake has only played 8 games. He's a rookie with terrible coaching, playing in an offense with no system. Did you not see the first drive? The TD pass to Cook? The throw to Britt on the left sideline? He was perfect for the first drive. That's what he can be with proper play calling. We were dictating what the colts D was going to do. Usually it's the other way around. Other than that first drive, every single time Locker makes a big play they call two straight runs up the middle for a loss or hardly any gain. Most of the time this happens in the red zone. It totally kills the momentum and puts us in a 3rd and long situation. Then they call some crap low percentage pass play, like a fade to our shortest receivers. We can't say that jake sucks in the redzone when our coaches don't even know what they're doing in the red zone. It's harder to pick up yards in the red zone, but not as hard as we're making it look. If the play calling would have stayed consistent all game, we would have killed the colts.
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    We need Brittle to stay healthy and play like this every game. He can be a Top-10 WR and that would help Lockers development x 1000.

    Locker has all the tools to be a great QB, but he still needs to develop a ton. He's literally a rookie.. heck, Luck has more career starts than him. Give him time. He has some bad throws, but also has his flashes. Just gotta learn 'the touch' on those deep balls, too many overthrows.
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    Locker got outplayed by Luck. Locker had 50 yards passing with 2 int in the second half. The colts outrushed us for the game. We need new coaches that can utilize the talent on the team. Inexcusable that these coaches cant think out of the box. The Colts have no talent, they have 10 rookies, and 35 players that were not even on the team the last year and were cut or waived. THEY HAVE NO TALENT. But they continue to outcoach these millionair clowns of coaches.
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    Locker reminds me of Tim Teebow more than anything. Has all the intangibles of what you want in a quarterback, works hard hard, but just doesnt get it done over 4 full quarters. Heck even Teebow had some clutch game winning drives his first year, something to get the fans excited. I havent seen much over the course of a game that looks like a top 10 first round pick to get excited about.