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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Thaddeus43, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Thaddeus43

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    Of course it sucks that we lost, and I know right after a loss there is a lot of hate around here, but I thought I would point our some positives today. I thought overall Locker played a pretty good game. Did he make some mistakes today? Absolutely. But he also corrected a lot of mistakes from last week, and looked much better this week IMO.

    1st off, Accuracy - Locker was 22/35 (~63%) That is a very solid game. On top of that he threw some very nice passes, and was hitting guys on the money for the most part. There were a few throws that could've been completions if they were placed a little better, but the same can be said for every QB every week. Overall Locker threw the ball very well today.

    Secondly, escaping pressure - Locker did a good job of escaping the pressure today too. I think he only took 1 sack (+ 1 intentional grounding call). He was very good at using his legs to avoid sacks, extend the plays, or even tuck and run when he had too.

    Redzone - Only 1/3 for redzone TDs today, but that TD was a beautiful pass to Cook. Put it where only his guy could get it. One of the other trips to the redzone was killed by a -5 yard cj and a false start. I would obviously like to see more TDs than FGs in the redzone, but at least he isn't turning the ball over. Plus, as we all know completing passes in the RZ is much harder because of the shortened field, and speed of the game at that part of the field. This is just something Locker needs experience at in order to improve. He got some of that experience today, and will hopefully learn a little something from it. He also REALLY needs to get more help from his team in the RZ too. NO PENALTIES, NO RUNNING BACKWARDS!!!

    People also want to complain about him not getting off to a fast start. Well he got off to a fast start today.

    Moving forward - obviously Locker still has a lot of growing and improving to do. The int on the 1 yard line was a bad pass. I know he was probably worried about taking the sack there, but it was still a bad pass. He had another int at the end (Looked like a miscommunitcation ... nate broke in Locker threw as if would continue is route). The good thing though is that now these mistakes are on film and he has a chance to learn from them and improve. I expect to see a little more improvement from him next week.

    This experience is incredibly valueable for Locker. I really think it will pay off going into next year for us. At least he is getting his lumps out of the way now when our team sucks.

    For everyone that thinks Locker should be Tom Brady right now, you guys just need to be chill out and watch Locker develop. He will be good. Much more promising than VY ever was, we just need to get our TEAM help him out some more and start winning games.


    I also wanted to take a second to compare the 2 young Qbs as they went head to head today. Obviously Luck and the Colts got the win, but I really wasn't too impressed with Luck today. Not an impressive stat line from him. Certainly not as good as what people act like.

    Locker - 22/35 (63%), 1 TD 2 ints, 265 yards, 71.4 QB rating

    Luck - 16/34 (47%), 1 TD 2 ints, 196 yards, 50.6 QB rating

    additonally Luck only averaged about 5.8 yd/att compared to Locker's 7.5 yd/att
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  2. Thaddeus43

    Thaddeus43 Pro Bowler

    Also, since I know people will say "well Locker isn't 'clutch' and Luck brought his team back" ... compare the 2 QBRs (which takes into consideration these things)

    Locker - 64 (remember for this stat a 50 is average)

    Luck - 18

    This really points to the fact that Luck didn't really lead the colts to a victory. And if you watched the game this was actually pretty apparent (despite what the media says) they really took the ball out of Lucks hands and focused on the run in the 2nd half when they scored most of their points.

    The COLTS out played the TITANS today, but LOCKER out played LUCK.
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  3. ImATitan

    ImATitan Pro Bowler

    He needs to improve his decision making, accuracy, reads and passes getting batted down. I love some things that I've seen from Jake, but there's also been some really, really bad. I think at this point, we don't know what we have in him to be honest. But he should be on a short leash next year, he has to prove next season he's our guy of the future.
  4. titansrule00000

    titansrule00000 Starter

    I agree Locker played much better today! It was good to see improvement. I believe that he will continue to improve, and although I hated the INT's i understand that he is young and will make mistakes, but it is good to see that he learns from them. I would like to know what was said at half time because we were a completely different team after the half, Im not sure what happened but whatever the coaches said they should've kept their mouths shut!
  5. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    I agree with all of this. I'm glad Locker is going through the pains now when our team isn't very good and every snap this season is going to help Locker next season by gaining experience and learning from mistakes. Titans would've won the game if we could've got the running game started and running backwards in the red zone isn't very ideal. If we can start turning those FG's into TD's we have a bright future.
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  6. steverife

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    The knock on Locker is that he does a lot of nice things, but makes crucial mistakes, and loses. Today, he did a lot of nice things, but made crucial mistakes, and lost.

    I can't say that I saw improvement. I don't really care about what Luck did...
  7. Titaneers

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    i stand by Locker... however, i still wished we picked kaepernick :(
  8. SoCalTitan867

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    Well said. I maintain that the idiots in charge are holding this team back and it will be hard to get a real assessment of where were at until the house cleaning. This team is an embarrassment but outside of Griffin I have a real problem putting that all on the players.
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  9. Titanup1982

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    Locker is just too high and low for me. I predicted him to have a good game today. Locker just needs to slow it down and quit forcing some stupid bone head throws that leads to INTS.

    All QBs throw bone head passes, but Locker has to learn that when it's not there, he needs to use his natural ability and just run it. Running it early is something that will keep the defense honest.
  10. CollinsQB

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    From inside the stadium I can tell you that Locker looked and felt like a franchise type qb, made several plays that quieted and deflated the crowd, until the pick 6, that completely changed the game. As for Luck he missed several wide open guys, minus the couple of mistakes Locker was the man today, only problem being the mistakes are what caused the loss.
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