What has become of fan loyalty?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by moose4now, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. Sledge

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    No I agree, but he was very valuable to this team. And I'm not talking about right now, of course. Look, he went to Cincy and helped Corey Dillon set an NFL record, so he wasn't washed up at all.

    A blocking back who opens holes is important. Ask Larry Johnson.
  2. RollTide

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    Look at my comment regarding someone wanting their team to lose because they might get a higher draft pick.

    Nothing inconsistant about that at all. However, there is a big difference between someone wanting their team to lose a game and someone wanting their country to lose a war.

    When were you ever called "un-american"?
  3. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Think of this starkiller...

    I have criticised jeff fisher often lately but i don't really dislike him. I just want us to win.

    But what if somebody had this great personal hate for him. Maybe they don't like the way he looks, the way he carries himself. Maybe they don't like the fact that in societal terms he is very successful and wealthy and they are not.

    As a result of this personal hate they actually want the titans to lose every game just so fisher loses his job and people stop liking him.

    Would that person be an example of a loyal titan fan starkiller? Now escalate the situation from a game, a form of entertainment to a war.
  4. Loyal fans can want their team to lose to secure a better draft pick. But in that scenario, the team has already missed their shot at the playoffs and there is nothing more to gain from winning. So losing, in fact, can help the team.

    That is completely unlike hoping your country loses a war, which does nothing to help. The problem you are having is that people aren't hoping to lose a war, they are saying that it should never be fought, has been woefully mismanaged, and/or should be ended.

    As for hoping your team loses games simply to cost a coach his job, that is not loyalty to me. A loyal fan hopes his team wins so long as there is more to be gained from a win than from a loss (specifically a draft pick). It's OK to not like a coach and to question his decisions, but not to root against your team because of that coach. People get pissed off at their team all the time, but loyal fans still root for them. The same it true in other (non-football) scenarios.
  5. Soxcat

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    And don't forget the cheers that go up anytime something doesn't work out right so some people can say that they were right all along.
  6. That seems to be pretty much a universal constant, no matter what side you root for...
  7. moose4now

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    Still not sure how you put JF in with that group..
  8. GLinks

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    Murder, Inc...that's great! (So baby girl put it on maaaeeeee-a-yayay!)

    The conspiracist in me thinks Fisher isn't making the right moves, either out of stubborness or deliberation. Then again, maybe things will develop as we hope. Either way, I feel like Titans coaches are slow to adapt and reluctant to change when it comes to personnel.

    I still like our old players when they leave. Some I don't care to watch, like I won't watch a game just for Kassell, Dyson, Hill, Schifino, Berlin, etc., but I might watch a game with Godfrey, Rolle/Mason/McNair, definitely Volek if he gets to start, Eddie when he's on TV, etc.
  9. avvie

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    I've edited the post. The original intention was to reference a great strategic failure. I must have gotten distracted again...
  10. moose4now

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    Really? :winker: :rolleyes:
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