What has become of fan loyalty?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by moose4now, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. moose4now

    moose4now Starter

    I have no problem with complaining about not winning. You wouldn't be a fan if you didn't.

    My issue is with the "fan" who backs a player or coach during that person's time with the fan's favorite team. Yet when that player leaves that team not only are all allegiances to that person are gone, some "fans" feel the need to dump all over these people.


    Aside from finding another place of work (which many people here have done) they've done nothing criminal.
  2. Sledge

    Sledge Guest

    For every *****wipe that leaves for more money (Runyan), there's always a good guy, who still has good years left in him, that's let go like yesterday's news (Neal). I don't recall Floyd Reese making any kind of effort to keep his core, and the only times he did, he didn't exactly save the franchise (Sirmon, Kassell). Neal was let go for nothing, no effort was made to keep Runyan, Mason, Rolle, Carter and Kearse were salary cap casualties, and players were traded cuz they wanted "too" much money (McNair, McCareins).

    Meanwhile, studs were signed, such as Pickens and Thigpen.

    Yeah, good job guys, we're loyal to you... NOT
  3. moose4now

    moose4now Starter

    Do you really think that LoNeal is what this team is in dire need of, right now. He may be a nice guy. And, I like him. He was a Titan.

    But, he's a blocking back.

    Yes, every team needs one. But, keep in mind. He wasn't brought into SD until after LT was drafted. He was he while EG was here. And yes, he has blocked for other 1,000 yard backs. But, ask yourself if maybe there's a reason why he's being asked to open those holes instead of run through them.
  4. Broken Record

    Broken Record Biscuit Eater Staff

    I think you might have forgotten the definition of "fan" which is short for "fanatic"... A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm.

    Key word in there is unreasoning. Love the Titans, throw out reason. That's what fans do. You are a Titan? You're the man! You're not a Titan? You stink!

    This isn't supposed to be logical. Real world rules don't apply here. We're not talking about dumping on your best friend because he moved to a different city.

    This is about being a company yes man. This is about drinking kool-aid. There's no reason in fanaticism! :))
  5. Gunny

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    i'm a HUMAN
  6. avvie

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    Many great people throughout history have, at some point, acheived their point of incompetence. Though I don't have my library any more, you can check with Amy Wallace and David Wallachinski and their Book Of Lists series, which contains a list of great leaders who reached their point of incompetence. I do remember Napolean and Hitler being on that list for (I think) the same reason: thinking they were powerful enough to defeat Moscow in winter. Both took huge losses trying to do what everyone knew could not be done.

    It can be argued that Fisher has reached that point. It appeared to start during the year that he filed for divorce.
  7. Childress79

    Childress79 Loungefly ® Tip Jar Donor


    Regardless of the point you are trying to make Avvie, I never thought I'd ever see Fisher compared to a 'great' leader such as Hitler.

  8. Michi40

    Michi40 Lost bullet

    Sh*t happens
  9. Vigsted

    Vigsted Starter

    I think Avvie means great as in historically powerful. People like Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Julius Cæsar, etc. are all great leaders in that respect.
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