What has become of fan loyalty?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by moose4now, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. go titans !!!!

    i have never been ashame to call myself a titans fan ...... never will.

    I will always have love for Mcnair ......... Just not the Ravens.

    Every dog will have its day. Ours was lasted a long time and will come again ...
  2. It's funny that your opinion is exactly the opposite when it comes to political threads...
  3. RollTide

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    When have i ever suggested that people shouldn't voice their opinions about anything? Or didn't have the right to do so?

    Politics is different, no matter what a president does the other side will criticise it and success or failure in something like a war is a matter of debate and opinion.

    Winning and losing is pretty straight forward isn't it? Nobody is going to come along and say that we won that game monday..
  4. Loyalty is loyalty.
  5. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    For me, we are so bad, it is amusing. I'm actually having fun everytime we throw an int, cause it is to the point, that it's almost ludicrous. I'm way past frustrated and now I just laugh at it. It really is a bad team. I root for them every sunday, and pull for them, but my amusement level is much higher this year. You wonder how bad can they be, and then they show you another level of bad. I think our loyalty is incredibly high, cause we are still here, and we are probably one season away from putting paper bags over our heads, cutting holes for the eyes, nose, and ears, and gutting it out yet again. We are as loyal as it gets, and it's a fun ride. I've been here before.

    We were 1-13 '72
    We were 1-13 '73 --------> Got to 10-4 in '75

    We were 2-14 '83
    We were 3-13 '84 ----------> Got to 10-6 '88

    We were 2-14 '94-----------> Got to 13-3 '99

    It's a five year plan once we hit rock bottom. The only question, is have we hit it yet.

    We should be making our run in 2010.
  6. moose4now

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    The best post on this thread, so far.

    Well said, SK. :thumb:
  7. Soxcat

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    Politics and religion involve deeper things like philosophy of life and how governments should govern the people. The issues are alot more complicated. Even if I wasn't 100% in agreement with specific individuals in power I would still not neccessarily change my position on the issues.

    Here we are talking about a game where the team we are "loyal" to is getting their arse handed to them each Sunday. Most of us should care less who is on the field or coaching but mainly if we are winning. The philosophy matters not to me how we win as long as we win.
  8. fitantitans

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    Is it being said that a few fans, myself included, are not loyal because we complain about not winning? What's the purpose of the game?
  9. Yet you guys call people on the other side of the spectrum un-American...

    I won't get into any political debating because of the board rules, but you guys need to pick a definition of loyalty and stick with it.
  10. Riverman

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    I can't relate to this thread topic at all. Sure, if I have "declared" the Titans as my team and invested nothing except emotion in them, then I have no problem with people who say loyalty is sticking with them through "thick and thin". Conversely, for those who are PSL holders and have invested financially (IMO the seats are very expensive), then they have EVERY right to criticize, be pissed, or even leave early when the team is not winning or the product sucks. THERE IS NO LOYALTY IN BUSINESS. NFL IS A BUSINESS- it isn't high school ball where emotional investment and pride are the highest stakes. It is an entity where money has legally been introduced to elevate the play of the game. With that compromise comes all the trappings that consumerism brings with it. Namely- accountability and market competition.

    A person who continues to throw good money after bad is considered a fool in business. That person has every right to go financially support another team that is delivering a better product. We don't hear anything about "TICKET PRICE REDUCTION" during crappy seasons do we? NO. The business of NFL is a 2 way street. Paying fans (customers) have every right to purchase a better product. If the organization wants to keep things the way they are, they better make sure their customers are satisfied or show enough evidence that things will soon be the way the customers want it.

    I like college ball because I have emotional allegiance to a certain team. I stick with them and cheer for them through thick and thin. I like pro-ball better for many reasons, one of which is I can without guilt criticize the coaches, players, and front office.
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