What Happens If The Offense Does Improve But The Defense Falters Again This Season?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Aug 19, 2013.


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    We allowed 4.4 yards per rush against Washington and 6.2 yards against the bungals and every back they had ran on us
  2. mike75

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    The main excuse i've read as to why teams are still running all over us is because its preseason and we are playing vanilla defense and not showing our real schemes yet.I do hope like hell that is the reason is because we aren't showing anything yet until the regular season.
  3. Parking Lot B

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    I wish that were true, and they weren't showing their schemes, but somehow I think that's make believe. Personally, when I heard Greg Williams was coming on board I really thought we would see a big turnaround and we would see a fired up defense, and counted down the days until preseason....now, it looks like the same old, same old, and I'm in kind of disbelief.
  4. ImATitan

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    Not to repeat everyone else but if that's the case, we're likely looking at 7-9 or 8-8 and Munch and Gray will certainly be fired.

    In this scenario, Loggains may stay on as OC, and he should if the offense plays well. May be worth promoting Gregg Williams to DC as well.

    I just pray to see a more aggressive defense this year. Because in preseason, they've been very vanilla and looking like the D of the last two seasons. I'm hoping to chalk that up to it being PRESEASON. Because why hire Williams if the D is gonna be the same soft zone crap? I'm almost certain he wouldn't let that happen.
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  5. Alzarius

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    Cant fix the whole team in one off season.

    This season, we gave ourselves the best chance to improve the offense. Next year will be focused on the D more, or I would hope.

    Thats why its so annoying to see so many "everyone sucks" threads, as if that disaster of a team we had last year, can be completely fixed in an off season.
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    I mean if alot of it depends on coaching, why the hell did Munchak keep Jerry Gray around after last season's awful defensive performances? It's up to a coach to get the most out of his players right? I want to see the Titans do great this year but I'm just really skeptical we'll see any kind of improvement enough to make the playoffs. This team needed a completely new staff, no more hiring and promoting from within, yet they failed to do that and we've been treated with the same craptastic performances the past 2 years.
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    What about three?
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  8. Alzarius

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    Are we trying to fix 2 years ago mistakes? Look at our roster in 2011.

    Or are we trying to fix our team from last season? So you dont think this team did almost everything they could to fix and entire unit (the offense) as well as the defense as good as possible, this past off season?

    Levitre, Walker, Green, Hill, big tall guy i dont feel like looking up, wilson, pollard.

    Then drafted "monster guard", and a good center, and a WR.

    The plan was to fix this offense and give Locker the best chance possible, because he is our QB no matter what. Do you think they did a good job of that, at least on paper?

    Sorry they couldnt turn a pile of **** into a great unit (an opinion based on 2 preseason games no less) but like I said, you cant fix everything in one season. Overall, I liked what they did this past off season and I feel their plan gives us the best chance to win considering our circumstances. (our roster)
  9. Big TT

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    Then/when that happens (and after the first two preseason games????) then I will sell more of my tickets on stubhub.
  10. SuperFreak90

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    If the offense improves we put up some points this year.

    If the defense falters, then we lose games with scores of 36 to 35

    We will win some games with high scores, but lose more than win with a bad defense.
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