What good is a ticked off Billy Volek?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titanium, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. skitch

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    The only "mindset change" or "change of complextion" over the last few years have been with the fans....because we have been losing.
    -First, the organization tries to hold onto the 1999-2000 squad as long as "cap possible" and when they are not 12 and 2, the fans complain that we are old and start naming "has beens" that should be cut.
    -So we blow it up and go for younger players. (PS - Some veteran players were happy to be released/cut/traded just like assistant coaches leaving. They were well aware the cycle was at the bottom and were glad to try another team who was cycling to the top.)
    -Did the Vikings or the Bengals know of "off the field issues" with the players that are now in trouble now, when they drafted them? I don't know, but probably not.
    - I don't like the off the field issues anymore than anyone else here. But I want the best players available. If you want to draft all choir boys, go ahead but don't complain when we can't win 1 game a year.
    - The organization is doing everything it can think of to try to win. To try to satisfy every monday morning QB, coach, general manger, offensive/defensive co-ordinator, and fantasy "owner" that we all have in us so that maybe, just maybe...we show up at "LP Field", don't sit on our hands, and don't boo.
    -I got the destinct feeling listening to and watching Fisher's press conference today that there is and has been something going on with Volek that has Fisher pissed. Speculate all you want about what it could be, or anything else going on, but practice is closed and I don't know anyone on this board who has an all access pass to Baptist Sports Park and the Titans locker room pre-game, post game, or halftime.
    -Maybe the complex and mindset is changing....good....maybe we will start winning again. If that means Kerry Collins....so be it! He may end up being awful, but at least they are trying something. God forbid he goes out and lights it up....people here could be proven wrong...we can't have that.
    PS- I also noticed in Volek's interview today that he was asked if his agent was coming in. He said they would talk. He mentioned that "we put the trade thing out there last year, but it got shot down pretty quick". Notice the "WE"? I remember that being "all Rosenhouse" and "Volek had nothing to do with that".
    - Maybe I am just venting my frustration and I am not directing anything at any one or two people. Just in general, everyone is a freakin' expert. Must be a lot of NFL caliber coaches and GM's on message boards. I guess that is just the nature. I also realize that these are all opinions but damn, people.
    -Do you want to win or sit and ***** and complain.
    If every post and opinion I have ever posted was proven wrong, so be it....I don't care,especially if we are winning or headed in that direction.
  2. The Don

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    So if Givens gets of the stationary bike and gets hot with Billy, will that solve half of the problem with the passing game, or only a small part of it?

    I would really like to see him on the field.
  3. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    uh, just for the record... I am all the time saying I don't know jack, Jack. :thumb:
  4. Slackmaster

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    Yep, Chow's "system" does not play to BV's strengths.

    I can only hope for a career ending incident that removes KC from further discussion.
  5. GoT

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    showing the luv
  6. Ewker

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    I agree with you on the OL but there is more to our problems than that.
  7. Ewker

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    you have got to like Volek's comment in the paper today

    "I guess they want a quarterback who is perfect in every throw and every read, and that is going to be hard to find,'' Volek said. "I guess they've been unhappy with my production. But it is hard when you are only getting a quarter a game and when you get two quarters in one game like I did against Atlanta and throw for (141) yards, they are still disappointed.

    "I don't quite understand it, but it is out of my control."
  8. Hoffa

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    Looks like he's having to do a lot of guessing...like we are.
  9. Gunny

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    Billy is pissed.
  10. Ewker

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    Gunny, can't say as I blame him
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