What does future hold for Klug?

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  1. RavensShallBurn

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    I don't really get the Klug hate... I love the guy on passing downs.

    Rotate him in on passing downs. It's simple. There's no need to cut him. I don't care how far down the depth chart he is... just get him in the game on 3rd and longs.
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  2. onetontitan

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    I think managing 3 sacks last year while playing in 22% of the snaps alongside Question Marks is reason enough to keep him around.
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  3. RavensShallBurn

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    The only reason Klug is getting so much hate is because he didn't make big plays - because he was never on the field.

    The reason for his absence was our defense sucked so much that we didn't force a lot of 3rd and longs. When we did actually force a 3rd down, runs were still in play, so Klug didn't see the field as much.

    Mark my words, he'll contribute this year. Our defense will be a whole lot better and he'll get in there and get some sacks on 3rd downs... just like he did on Brees his rookie year.
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  4. Soxcat

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    People bash Klug as a one trick pony pass rusher but who on the team really is a good pass rusher from the DT spot? Sure Hill may provide some rush and Casey and Martin are OK but I would think we still want one DT to be a guy we can bring in on long sure passing situations. IMO if Klug has a solid pre-seaon ushing the passer he stays on the team.

    I'd guess (and hope) that Klug has been busting his butt in the off-season to get a little better anyway. So we shall see. We may end up letting a decent DT or two go because there is only so much room on the roster. But if that happens so be it. It is all about competition. Guy will have to bust their butt to make the team and then to get snaps. That is the way it should be.
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  5. Alzarius

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    Klug is a good pass rusher.

    The reason people are on his ass is because his production fell off last year when compared to the year before. So because he did not see the field as much, he all of a sudden is a waste of a spot.
  6. titan_fan_4ever

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    Per Titasnonline:
    Ralph in Dyer, Tenn.: “Has there been any talk of moving Karl Klug[​IMG] to DE?”
    MIKE KEITH: Ralph, you are good. Klug is expected to get a look at defensive end.

    Found it, I said I saw it somewhere that they will try him at DE. That's probably what the future holds for him. Again, just hope if that's the case it pans out better than it did with Jason Jones.
  7. The Hammer

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    I fear he will not :(
  8. Soxcat

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    If we can be more successful stopping the run on early downs and get teams more into passing situations Klug will get more snaps. McCarthy being hurt didn't help that either. Replacing Marks with Hill might help as well.

    So the question is "was Klug only on the field for 22% of the snaps because they think he sucks or because the team was more focused on having better run stoppers in the game for more snaps?".

    Do you really think keeping a guy like Antonio Johnson over Klug on the roster is going to help the team more? Seriously? What does Johnson offer that we can't already get from Hill or Martin? Yea, when the offense is in 3rd and 8 or more we bring in Johnson because of his awesome pass rush ability? Klug is a situational player more than a rotational player but so what. He is still light years ahead of a guy like Johnson rushing the passer. And we did draft Martin last season so they wanted to get him on the field more and Marks stayed healthy as well. SO they didn't need to use Klug in a rotational role.
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  9. The Hammer

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    Have to agree. I think they have Johnson for depth purposes. In case there is an injury. Injuries notwithstanding I would rather have Klug at the end of the bench than Johnson.
  10. Finnebosch

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    This is what I think our DC will look like at the end of the season:
    UT: Martin/Casey/Klug
    NT: Hill/Big Po/Johnson

    If we sign Idoniji though I think that spells the end of Klug in Tenn. as I doubt we keep him if someone else can rush from the inside. Klug's inability to play DE really kills his value.