What are we going to do at Center?

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  1. Childress79

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    At least if we fix the O line we should have a great Offense.

    Still think its a waste to go Center in the first round though.
  2. 757Titan

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    If we take Konz at 20 I will throw my TV out the window. I would rather trade back if the right Defensive guys are available at 20
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  3. Young54

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    After seeing Harris step in for Mawai, I remember feeling very confident that we had a replacement in line. I have no idea why we started Amano at C. I agree with Kaeotik! We would be better switching the two. Amano has to be a better RG than C, he can’t get worse.

    Why aren’t we brining Scott back?? Instead of reaching for Konz, I would rather see Hutch and Scott at G and Harris at C.
  4. acqua7

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    Im not sold on these DEs that are gonna be there at around 20 either. We might just go BPA Imo. Didnt know konz has had sime injury issues in thr past, just read that.

    What are the chances decastro falls to us?

    We might draft a saftey too if Baron is there

    Who knows Itll really depend on all the picks before us. Drafting this late in the first you just kinda need to see where things fall and go from there.
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  5. FLA Titans Fan

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    I agree with you. Im not sold on any of the DE expected to be there at 20 either. I think we just take BPA
  6. LoneWolf

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    I don't know why everyone is so worry about center, they brought in a few and signed no one so more and likely we will draft one.

    Philip Blake and Ben Jones could be had in rounds 3-4

    A guy I really like is Quentin Saulsberry someone we can get in round 5-7
  7. J Falk

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    Simple, 3-step solution to our problem.

    First, Sign one of the following: Koppen, Faine, McClure, Brown

    Second, draft DeCastro in the 1st.
    Wait til the 3rd round and draft one of the following(according to order): Philip Blake, Ben Jones, Michael Brewster, David Molk.

    Third, cut Amano.
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  8. HeadOnASwivel

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    What the hell is with you "Harris played great against Baltimore people"? The game that I watched he was god awful. He got a holding penalty, I think a false start or two and mis-snapped the ball twice.

    Duh! This is why Amano moved to center, because Harris is a BUST. Sign any free agent center at this point and we'll have to draft one hopefully Molk since he's the perfect center for a zone running scheme and would be the vocal leader of the line. Phillip Blake would be awesome also, even though he's like already 26.

    Cut Harris and move Amano back to guard where he's played very well in the past.
  9. TitansWrath

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    You know, that's not the stupidest idea I've ever heard. Surely purple drank would sign for the league minimum at this point...

    I agree. I'd much rather draft a lock to be our starting center for years then take a swing on a speculative pass rusher.
  10. gran54

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    We'll draft one at least by round 3 if not earlier.