What Are The Titans Not Doing That Are Keeping Them From Being Winning Organization?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Nov 23, 2012.

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    Certain teams such as New England,Pittsburgh,Baltimore,Green Bay,N.Y. Giants,New Orleans and until recently Indy,etc. all seem to stay in the postseason year in and year out.

    Yes it takes a good franchise QB but even if you have a really good one you still need to have other pieces fall into place also.Still need to have a decent defense and talent in other places to make it overall.

    The first ten years here were in my opinion a success up until 2009 which is where the drop off happened here.We were one of the winningest teams from '99 through '08 and during that ten year span reached the postseason six times going to Super Bowl,two AFC championship games and having the winngest record in the league on two or three occassions.

    From 2009 through 2012 there hasn't been much luck here as we've reached 8-8,6-10 and 9-7 while sitting at 4-6 at this point in the '12 season.We are 27-31 since the '09 season started up to now.

    One weakness was having Kerry Collins at the QB position although the defense was good enough to keep us in games then.Now that we do have Locker and Hasselbeck and some offense we don't have the defense to keep us in the winning margin.

    As far the GM and leadership Reinfeldt and Webster do they do enough as far as the draft or free agency? Recently it might've been a mistake to let Cortland Finnegan go not to mention the offseason time that was blown chasing Peyton Manning.

    Also the coaching as of late has to be considered a weakness.Rehashing the same names and keeping things in house are definitely keeping us from taking the next step.Jerry Gray has been here before of course but this most recent stint has been rough as we are pretty much the worst defense in the league.Say what you will about Mike Munchak but to me he should've stayed where his bread was buttered and that was running the offensive line because he looks lost at times out there as head coach.

    I think to have any success they are going to have to start going outside the organization if they are going to have any chance at finding quality coaches and management.Staying inside the team has hurt overall as most of these hires have not panned out lately.
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    We just got rid of a coach, and brought in an entirely new staff. We're making improvements, but its gonna take time. We've found a franchise QB and RB, and we're a few pieces away on defense from being a formidable franchise. I'm not ready to hit the panic button. I think we've got a chance to make playoffs this year and a realistic shot at the division next year if we draft defense early.
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    Not sure what they are not doing. But I do know what they need to not be doing:

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    Titans are not drafting well enough. /thread.
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    I've follow pro football for 25 years and all of those teams were bad in my lifetime. New England was terrible for decades, drafted Bledsoe, had some mixed results, then got lucky with a 6th round QB and a loser journeyman coach. Pittsburgh was bad for decades, then Cowher turned around things, then Big Ben turned into an elite quarterback. The Browns were terrible, then they drafted REALLY well - Ogden, McCallister, Reed, Lewis - their playmakers were leaders that passed to torch to other guys. Green Bay was terrible for decades, then lucked into Farve, then Rodgers stepped up. Giants were bad in the 90's, then good management turned around and were able to replace top guys and Eli turned elite. New Orleans lucked out with Brees, then kinda rode the Katrina thing and carried that momentum. The Colts were terrible before Peyton.

    The Titans had the building blocks at the beginning of the decade, but played the cap wrong, probably kept Fisher too long, and got unlucky with some of the playmakers they drafted --- Kearse was always hurt. Fat Albert wasn't a leader and bolted, Pacman couldn't stay out of trouble, VY didn't have the head for the game. If Kearse had a career like Strahan or Freeney, and Fat Albert was a Ray Lewis type leader, and Pacman stayed out of trouble was a Pro Bowl corner/return man, and VY had McNair's toughness and leadership ---- and we know all of those guys had the ability ---- we'd have been a Super Bowl contender for the bulk of the last 13 years.
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    worst utube ever, couldnt even make it through :45
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    Pretty damn good post.
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    Everyone likes to talk about the Woolfolk and Chris Henry and Paul Williams picks and other picks that were absolute duds and say we should have taken Nnamdi and Aaron Rodgers and so forth. It isn't that simple. Sometimes you are going to pick wrong. Also, there is no telling how those other guys would have worked out. Nnamdi is a press guy and has looked very pedestrain with the Eagles. Aaron Rodgers was a big risk. Look at the other Tedford first round quarterbacks -- Akilli Smith, Joey Harrington, Kyle Boller.

    We've had a lot of guys show why they were drafted. We just need more to stay on the field and continue to develop their game and become stars and leaders. We've had way too many guys show promise, then regress or fizzle out.
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    hmmm bad luck in drafting (Pierre-Paul going the pick before us) won't argue the Nicks pick much... he's about as productive as Britt is at this point... VY's immaturity... hampering injuries... less than average coaching staff... and Bud putting his hands in places it doesn't belong is what has got us in this position... also i think finny should've been kept

    i really don't think Munch is a bad coach and the players like him... however, he doesn't have much to go on with what was available...

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    The biggest thing we're not doing this year is staying healthy. We have most of the right peices around. But when their hurt, they cant help us.

    Just take Jake Lockers and Colin McCarthys seasons so far for example. Their injuries so far have cost us in key situations. We're simply much better with those two in the line up. When them or Kenny Britt isnt healthy, we cant fire on all cylinders.

    This team is too young to overcome big losses like not haveing those players play.