What a bargain McNair was.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by PitBull, Dec 1, 2006.

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    Mcnair like last year...

    Mcnair's numbers are similar to last year when he was part of a 4-12 team. Jeff's illustration is a good one but had we did the comparison a week or so ago they wouldn't have looked quite as good for young who had a passing rating of 49.

    With young we will be 5-11 or 6-10. With mcnair we maybe go 7-9 or 8-8. Either way we are not going anywhere and this year young gets that experience.

    I say young's experience is worth 2 fewer wins. Remember that carson palmer didn't play at all as a rookie and was just average his second year when he took over as a starter. For many players holding a clipboard is not enough they need to play..
  2. eberry

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    AH....but would the TEAM have responded to McNair the way it responds to Young? (after all, that was one of the kid's selling points).
  3. smili

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    I'm not sure we win more with McNair. The little dink/dunk offense we were running to protect McNair from injury was pathetic - and he'd have probably ended up hurt at some point anyhow. At least our offense has begun to move on to something more potent - and Young's legs have won some games that McNair's wouldn't have. They seem to play harder for VY too FWIW.
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    The ratbirds and "he who shall go un-named" will be one and done with that check down high school O.:grrhee:
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    I was relocating to my new overseas job from Nashville while the trade negotiation was going on, therefore I was left in the dark in regards to the complete details of the trade and the NFL as a whole until a few days before the second week of pre-season. I knew however that McRaven was being hardheaded in regards to restructuring his contract and was traded.

    The basis of this thread is to get your point of views on what would have been a better trade because the way I look at it, a 4th round draft pick does little to address our immediate needs.

    Our options at the time were either cut him and get nothing, or trade him to the flying rats for a 4th round pick. I'm certain a third option might have been possible, but we would have had to sacrifice a draft pick as well. Back in April, the Saints acquired safety Bryan Scott as well as a 2007 draft pick from the Falcons for tackle Wayne Gandy.

    I'm sure a few other teams were initially interested in McNair but didn't want to give up a 4th round pick for him. Couldn't we have given up McNair and a 2007 draft pick and gotten our hands on someone who could help us out on D or as a WR..

    In other words, if you were GM of the Titans, who would you have tried to get for McNair, and how would you have gone about doing that?
  6. Toly

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    Based on what? The Titans were 4-12 with McNair last year in case someone has forgotten. You also have to consider that keeping McNair would have denied the possibility of acquiring a few free agents that have made a big difference so far this year IMO (Hope, Mawae).

    I know that a 4th round pick sounds ridiculous for a QB that once led a team to the SB and was a co-mvp. But you need to understand that McNair is now in the downside part of his career - he is far away from the player he used to be and he is getting old. Add to that the fact that he is injury prone, thanks to all that punishment he has taken throughout the years, and you will hardly find any team willing to give something better than a 5th round pick, let alone giving up a decent player in exchange. I believe the Ravens only wanted to give a 5th or 6th first, but they ended up giving a 4th.

    If you believe that McNair was a bargain because of the Ravens record so far this year, remember that their real success comes from their defense. Always has been and always will - probably. They won a SB with Dilfer as their QB for crying out loud.
  7. smili

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    McNair held all the cards. He was due something like $50 mil if we kept him on the roster without renegotiating, and he had decided he didn't want to renegotiate and force us to cut him - because he knew the Ravens would offer him far more than the Titans were willing to under any renogiation. Also - at some point McNair and agent decided they wanted out of town to a place where Mac could play several more years with Vince Young coming in here.
  8. TNThunder

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    True, he just realized sooner than Volek that Young was going to start this year.
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