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    While you were on "hiatus" a guy named "aussiefan" started posting at an alarming rate on one of the boards I frequent. For a moment I thought it might be you (which made me think... damn it's a small, small world). After becoming more familiar with the guy, though he is from Australia I'm pretty convinced he's not you (apparently quite a few people live over there). He's goofy enough to be you, but just not that special patented brand of Gunny goofiness. :))
  2. avvie

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    Gunny: Always imitated, Never duplicated!
  3. The Mrs

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    Hey Starkiller, can you burn DVD's of the show, The Ghost Whisperer for me? Like the entire 1st season up until now? It is televised 7 p.m. on Fridays and I was forced to watch another show that is aired on Friday at 7 p.m!
  4. I could if I recorded it on my Tivo, but I don't.

    But you can buy the first season on DVD.
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