Well there goes our special teams

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Jan 17, 2013.

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    The only problem with this theory is the Titans seem unable to select anyone in the first round who can provide and sustain a productive effort. I believe one of the main reasons we struggle so much right now is the lack of production from our first round choices over the past ten years.
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    Its funny becuase I remember everyone was calling for Schwartz's head and one point and then we started being dominant on defense and everyone like him. Give gray one more year. He did improve as the season went on. It was mainly our offense's inability to sustain drives

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    Our defense looked better vs crappier teams because Gray actually blitzed them. He's afraid to blitz quality teams. He's a coward, and a loser.
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    We had two good games the entire year where we allowed less than 20 points. Miami and the Jets, two HORRIBLE teams with horrible QB's. Outside of those two games we allowed The second half of the season we allowed 51,24,24,27,55,20. Great improvement only an average of 34 instead of the first half of the season when we allowed an average of 32.5.

    All i see is two good games against horrible offenses.
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    Are we trying to have the cheapest, least experienced coaching staff in the NFL?
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