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    The Titans will be without two of their projected starters on the defensive line – tackle Sammie Hill (elbow) and end Ropati Pitoitua (hand) – when they take on Atlanta on Saturday.

    Antonio Johnson is likely to start in Hill’s place and rookie Lavar Edwards will move into Pitoitua’s spot.

    Others who will miss the game: running back Quinn Johnson (hamstring), wide receiver Kendall Wright (knee), linebacker Zaviar Gooden (ankle), safety Markelle Martin (hamstring), linebacker Akeem Ayers (ankle), linebacker Colin McCarthy (hamstring) and wide receiver Marc Mariani (shoulder).

    Linebacker Zach Brown (foot) may practice on Thursday, but if he can’t, he won’t play Saturday.

    There were a couple of good tidbits on the injury front: Linebacker Moise Fokou (soreness) practiced for the first time this week, and McCarthy is expected to return to practice on Thursday.

    The Titans are hoping McCarthy will be able to play next week against Minnesota, which would be his first preseason game.

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    Looks like we wasted a whole lotta money on Wimbley. Ropati takes his starter spot, gets hurt, and a rookie 5th rounder takes his spot. Ayers will be in on rushing downs too opposite Morgan. Well that's what happens when you chase Peyton. You get desperate at the end.
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  4. Ensconatus

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    Lol yea idk what's going on with that. Seems like a mess. Dude needs to play somewhere to earn that money. Can he drop 30 lbs and play SS???!... I'm seriously... Serious...
  5. Deuce Wayne

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    As long as it's not Ropati's legs/knees... got a bad paranoid feeling about that.
  6. Upright7

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    Wimbley wasn't bad last year, he just isn't a full time 4-3 DE. Just remember that Morgan didn't do anything until Wimbley showed up! I think he can step into Ayers role while he is down and play some LB and DE for us like he did in Oakland. Who cares what his salary is? He makes the team better even if he is overpaid depth. It's Bud's money, it isn't coming out of your tax dollars or anything! Shaw and Bailey are overpaid, but nobody has anything to say about that!
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