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    Sorry but I don't think thats even close. Patriots have looked very beatable, Chargers got smoked by Falcons but looked like god mode against us, lions are mehhhhh, and again Texans crushed us.

    I think we've had a lot worse stretches going back to Steelers, colts, ravens, colts in beast mode, when jags were competitive etc.

    9-7 is a bold bold bold prediction from some posters on here.

    I'm saying 3-4 wins....Miami will be a battle. But if it comes to Overtime hopefully we'll just let them kill themselves like they've been doing. Or let Hass pull his signature we want the ball we're gonna score pick 6.
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    Are you being serious? This defense lets teams put up 38+ points in every single game this season and you are saying there is no time to panic!
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    Munchak isn't firing his buddies. Who is going to come work for him? Dave Campo? Prolly not. Jack Del Taco? Doubtful. If someone is current a DC or OC and they aren't being hired on as a HC... They usually suck really bad. Munchak got his one chance and the best he could come up with is a guy who tries to run a 1993 version of the run and shoot (unsuccessfully i might add) and a d-coordinator who is starting to make Chuck Cecil look like Vince Lombardi.

    Munch had his chance and he surrounded himself with guys who aren't doing the right things to make these players respond. I personally think the whole house needs to be cleaned from GM to HC... and honestly, we'll probably do a lot better if we had a new owner that wasn't a billionaire that wears members only jackets from the 1960s
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    When I watch us play this year:
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    I'm wondering if you guys still have the Jekyll/Hyde syndrome, or Munch just plainly doesn't prepare the troops for battle at all anymore. The Detroit game was an anomaly and not in any way a textbook way to win a game (not discrediting it, but it's not like you guys won just because you out-executed them in a conventional sense). The Titans have too much talent to get routinely smoked, and I have to think that falls squarely on the HC's shoulders. If Munch really isn't the answer, I could see things getting a lot uglier before they get better.It's a little depressing because I've always loved it when the Texans and Titans are competing with each other. We really have the perfect amount of bad blood to make a great rivalry.

    But hey, at least you guys aren't stuck with Gabbert.
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    I think this is probably the most accurate statement. Someway, we need to get more prepared coming into these games. We have played off the receiver, get burned by tight ends, and just generally underachieve for too long.

    The only thing that connects, is that all out coaching stems from Fisher and that mindset. The only way we have changed is that we are no longer a run first team. If CJ was not so ineffective, we might still be. But you are absolutely right, we have far too much talent to be getting smoked like this week in and week out, then come around and beat teams we are severly underdogs in.
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    We suck because we don't fear death. We think this makes us strong but it makes us weak.

    How can you move faster than possible, fight longer than possible, without the most powerful impulse of the spirit? The fear of death. The will to survive.
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    The defense did not dominate either. Until we build a top 5 defense, we're going nowhere. I listen to all the post game talk and is always about the failures of the offense and nothing about the failures of the defense. Want to fix the team? Start with the defense!!!
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    Never said that as an accomplishment point as in thats all I care about. I was just stating the fact. And unfortunately we wont do any better than 5-11 if Locker cant stay healthy, which is a big concern. We need a qb who is not a pansy and can play through pain. Not get hurt everytime he gets hit or trys to make a tackle!