We need a RB and a QB

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    AGAIN, can you depend on him for a full 16 games ????? My gosh, you guys live in a shell. Everything is GREAT in TITAN FANTASY ISLAND. NO!!!!!!!!!!!! its not. Were going to be 3-4 and our backup cannot hit a barn. How many seasons can this happen? Luckily last year we sucked.
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    Also, how is wide-receiver a need? We are willing to just get rid of Britt and we still have 2 on IR or PUP. Wright is a stud, Nate is decent, Williams can at least catch for the most part and Hunter is our talent. And Corner, are you kidding me? Are you a member of the GREAT TOMMIE CAMPBELL fan club. I personally would cut campbell because I hate his attitude and how he commits a penalty every special teams possession. Plus there is nothing wrong taking a shot at some of the QBs in the later round. My gosh, Bray is a backup at KC. He was not even drafted. We stick with RUSTY ALMIGHTY
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    Locker isnt having BS injuries like Hamstrings or groin etc etc.. He is having legit got blasted and got hurt injuries. While it sucks, it isnt his fault. You protect your QB and he doesnt get hurt. Its not Locker we cant depend on, right now its the OL. Locker will be fine if he is protected.
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    lol our qb aint jonny manziel that's enough for me! typical fantasy island negative nancy

    everyone sucks our qb sucks lets draft vy1.6 (cant even call him 2.0 cuz hes gonna be that bad as a pro)
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    Man I just can't think of any excuse for our Oline. We have (had?) the top two tackles, a vet and top rookie guard, a pro bowl oline coach, a pro bowl online head coach that would be working with the oline.

    I really want them to come out and say what is going on. CJ is not what he used to be, but I can't put the blame entirely on him either. Our Oline should be opening holes up.

    I guess it's also the play calling too. Running up the middle every play can't help. Yea I don't know. Maybe everyone needs time to gel, but at this point the only person really doing their job is Greg Williams. I really wouldn't mind (prefer even?) having him as our head coach next year. Bring in an OC genius please, but then again that would Locker's 3rd OC in 4 years.