We have to take advantage of this FA

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Tim, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Tim

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    So many good players hitting the market this year. I'm like a fat kinda in a candy store, hoping Tennessee jumps on a few free agents.

    I was wrong about the DE I think Tennessee should go after. I want the dude from the lions, he's young and he's a really good end. I believe he'll fit in well with us.

    I would like Jennings or Wallace but idk of we'll go after a WR.

    Thoughts on who we may get ?
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  2. xhrr

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    No to Avril
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  3. Tim

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    I don't see why you say no. Dude is a baller
  4. xhrr

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    Mario Williams 2.0. Gonna get paid and be average.

    1 year of double digit sacks in his career and he wants top dollar? Get real. He gets single teams all day as well because of Suh.
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  5. ImATitan

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    Yea I agree on Avril as Mario 2.0. I think he's gonna get an insane contract and never live up to it. Realistically, I'd like Levitre, Keller & the SF DL. That would be an awesome free agency. Or if you can't get Levitre, get Vazquez and upgrade the SF DL to Bennett from TB.
  6. Big Time Titan

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    I don't like Avril either. Take Suh away from him and you'll see how overpaid he's gonna be. I do totally agree with you in that we need to take advantage in this FA period.

    Canty really is the best DL we could get for what we need but aside from him there aren't any bonafide DL that can come in and help us as much. Not to say that Avril couldn't help but I don't see him being that much better than Wimbley or Morgan. Not a huge upgrade for what he would cost. Canty on the other hand is a beast of a dude and can help at DT and DE.

    We have to get either Levitre and or Vasquez. OL has to be our top priority during FA. Wallace would be sick but I don't think WR is a big enough need to warrant outbidding WR needy teams like Miami.

    Nabbing any other top FAs after Levitre or Vaquez will be huge pluses. I like that we have options, have money and appear to be willing to spend. Here's to hoping we make the most of it and head into the draft having taken care of a couple of positions to add flexibility to our strategy.
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  7. Jwill1919

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    With all the quality guys Detroit had on the DLine, he should've been much better. He won't get near the production and won't be able to fly under the radar on another team.
  8. Brew City

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    I want Levitre, DL Bennett/Canty, and Delanie Walker. That would be a beast FA period then cap it off with a good draft.
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  9. xhrr

    xhrr Starter

    I honestly think we land Levitre which will be a huge boost to the entire offense. The staff will pony up and pay to get who we need to make a playoff run and I'd imagine he is the #1 target this offseason.

    Give me Levitre, Delanie Walker or Dustin Keller at TE, and either Jean Francois or Sammie Lee Hill and I'll be happy. The rest can be depth signings such as LB, CB, etc.
  10. steverife

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    I like Avril a LOT. He gets to the quarterback, he strips the ball as well as anyone, and he is actually decent at containing the edge on the run and I've seen him drop back in coverage and make numerous plays.

    ...but I really like our DE's and would rather see that money go elsewhere.