We are wasting a huge advantage

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    half of top 10 draft picks bust, and teams are mostly built on guys picked after the 1st round. Besides mariota and Lewan all our best guys came later in drafts..

    Im not worried about always picking 16th in the draft, Im more worried about us wasting Mariota on a bum like Mularkey. Most QB's take off in their 3rd year, instead we're treating Mariota like Trent Dilfer
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    The issue w/ keeping Mularkey is players take on the coaches' mentality. After the Browns "win" players were talking about it being a "Good team win" just like Mularkey said in his PC. Only Delanie Walker said it was not a good enough...... So we now have a group of players who are taking on Mularkeys' attitude of as long as we win it doesn't matter if we sucked doing it. While I always want a win; barely beating the Browns makes me feel like we are certainly playing down to bad teams. Not because we are not good enough; but because the team feels it's acceptable under team leadership.

    Obviously most fans want the win. Even if it's an ugly win. However, that was not only an ugly win; it was an ugly win against the worst team in football. The worst team in football that did not have many of their best players on the field; yet still nearly beat us. Two of their starters were out in the secondary & the HC still wanted to force the run against the 6th best run defense in the NFL. He played an ignorant game plan. He attacked the strongest part of their team; and barely attempted to attack the secondary. We had plenty of pass attempts later in the game trying to win. However, they were playing the pass nearly every single time. We mostly forced the ball to Delanie; who had a bum leg, and wasn't running away from anyone. The game plan we came in w/ just made no sense & we never adjusted it. We had 13 runs for no gain; I read somewhere. Some of that was the sweeps we keep running for no gains w/ Walker or Weems.....
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    Watching the team celebrate like they won the Super Bowl was ****ing embarrassing
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    Only 13 of our 34 pass attempts went to WRs..... Mularkey said it was "A result of the coverage" ........ from the 2nd string guys who were playing in the secondary?? That is a really bad indication of a very bad game plan IMO.

    He also said there will be no change in the play calling responsibilities. They will stay w/ TR.....
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    This is why part of me wanted them to lose yesterday. I said during the offseason that Mularkey will never win a SB. All they're doing is wasting time with Mularkey. Unless the second half crash and burns, I can't see him not riding out his 3rd year next season, burning another year of these players. It's just prolonging mediocrity until JR gets to hire his own coach.
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