We are in trouble now......very slim postseason hopes right now

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titan_fan_4ever, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. ezeblazin

    ezeblazin Starter

    It's not over by a longshot, it likely won't be decided untill the last week of the season. And yes, I do think we can beat anyone in the playoffs besides the Pats.

    I posted this on another board:

    1.Patriots (10-0)
    2.Colts (9-2)
    3.Steelers (7-3)
    4.Chargers (6-5)
    5. Jaguars (8-3)
    6. Browns (7-4)

    Here are your wildcard competitors and remaing schedules. I'll keep the Steelers out for now, but if they lose Monday night, i'll add them in.










    Done: Ravens, Jets, Raiders, Dolphins

    Alright, so i'm only gonna worry about the 6th seed, cuz right now, our concern is just making the playoffs, so....We have 1 team a game ahead of us...1 team tied with us.....3 teams a game back of us.....2 teams 2 games back of us.

    The Jaguars are gonna be tough to catch, but if they lose to the colts next week, then we can move to within a game.

    The Browns will lose at least 2 of their remaining games. We will have an opportunity to catch them, we have to take advantage.

    The Broncos are another threat, so hopefully they'll win the division.

    We don't need to worry about the Chargers, Chiefs, or Texans, because we play them, we can take them out of it, and if we lose any of those games we're pretty much toast anyway.

    The Bills are gonna have a real tough time being any better than 8-8

    The Bengals and Chiefs will be done with another loss.
  2. smili

    smili Starter

    I think the remainder of our year will turn on the defense. When they're on, we have a defense that can keep us in the game with almost anyone. Question to me is whether they can get back to the way they were playing?
  3. I'm just amazed at how many of you have given up on the Titans already. :rolleyes: Last year was no different and we had a chance all the way untill the last game of the year and I'm not giving up hope on this team. I don't care if we lose the next 5 games or we win them in the end I'm still going to be a Titan fan and I'm still gonna root for them no matter what. Anything can happen. Don't give up on this team. Any team can lose a key guy here and there nobody knows when a guy like a Manning is going to fall to inury or a Brady or anybody for that sake. Corrrect me if I'm wrong, but don't they play 16 games not 11?

    Keep the Faith!!! 07:yes: :yes:
  4. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    yeah....i doubt that will happen again...cant get that lucky twice in a row...but i do wish it

    and someone said this team is not ready for post season play...too lazy to look for who said tthat....but must u be reminded...

    we DOMINATED i mean SHEER DOMINATION on defense b4 these last three games....and over these last three games our offense is definitly better (not at redzone we really have to work at that...but as a whole ...i'd say better...our run game is bad still but i never thought it was good w/ lendale..i say give it to one ofthe chris' right now) combine that offensive with our old defense....add to that the motivation our team will get when we start playing right...throw in jeff fisher...add vincanity....an i wonder what ur talking about...it can happen..and i hope we get the playoffs b/c if we do that means we will be probably plyaing some really good football an i give us a chance tosurprise..especialy w/ the pats struglin
  5. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    I'll give us a chance when we:

    1. Make an offense go 3 and out (or at least punt). We have only done twice in the last 2 games and that was during "clock-burning" time.

    2. Score a red zone TD.

    3. Have a negative turnover margin.

    4. Win a game.

    Shall I go on? It could happen this Sunday- let's hope so.
  6. MJTitans

    MJTitans Chris Whitley look him up

    I was hoping for playoffs this year, and we still can get in, but it's just become much much harder. We're just not there yet. Still time to get it turned around, but there's a lot to be done.

    If there's anything good to come of this losing streak it's this:

    1) Coaches were forced to let Vince throw a lot. I don't want to see a game plan like that, but while he's learning it's nice that he's getting chances to work things out. I think we've seen some very promising things from him recently. Still needs to make progress but he's getting there.

    2) We had some questions answered about who can step up and who can't. Yea, AH is a dominant DT, but teams without AH can still stop the run. I'm beginning to think our search for a MLB isn't nearly over. Starks and Brown are decent DTs, but we need a backup run stuffer - they are more inside pass rushers.

    3) Secondary is close, but still vulnerable. Finny and Harper are decent, but upgrading might still be necessary. Hill isn't our backup - maybe Herndon should step in. Could use Pac, but that's looking more and more unlikely. Griffin is going to be good, but has learning to do and with Hope out we struggle.
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