We are in trouble now......very slim postseason hopes right now

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titan_fan_4ever, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    What I liked about the Jaguars, as opposed to the Titans, was that they go for it on 4th down as if the whole season was on it. The Titans kick the FG. And it shows. The Titans need to give the team a spark, and yet the coaching staff is not ready to let it all hang out. This team needs TD's and if going for it on 4th down is the only way to get it, then go. But FG's are not hacking it right now. A FG is failure right now. We've got to get motivated on the field and showing some courage may do that. I just want to see us take chances when they make themselves available. But make smart calls. If it is 4th and 1. Run the ball. Don't pass it.
  2. MJTitans

    MJTitans Chris Whitley look him up

    I was expecting this team to come out with a similar record as last year, but to do it by playing better football. Maybe wind up in the playoffs, hopefully surprise some people but I never expected to go deep in the playoffs this year. We're still (obviously) a few key players away from that - still a bit too young.

    They did exactly what we expected up until the Jags game, and have fallen apart since. Chances are they will put things back together just as quickly as they fell apart, but we need another solid offseason or 2 to find the playmakers we need to be a real contender. Every phase has shown flashes, but they've also all shown serious weaknesses. We've just not been able to put together a complete game of at least acceptable play from everyone. The Titans are built on stopping the run above all else - when that falls apart there's no way the rest of the team can overcome it.
  3. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    Feels just like the Vols this year to me. A so-so team overachieving. It would be great if they can somehow find a way and get to the playoffs like the Vols got to the SEC Championship game.

    Things should get a lot better with Al back in there, but if VY can get some magic rolling, we have a shot. But if we get there, I don't expect much.
  4. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    Right now I feel as if the Big Orange would stomp a mudhole in Two-Tone Blue. Erik Ainge makes Vince Young look like Marcus Vick.
  5. DJB

    DJB Starter


    No kidding...those aren't "very slim" postseason hopes. There's 5 games left in the season and some fans are already writing them off.
  6. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    1. Stop the VY in the pocket experiment. Let him out by design to extend the plays. We need wins NOW.

    2. Bring AH back regardless of how "close" he is.

    3. Have a "players-only" meeting this week.

    That should be a start to getting our balls back.
  7. Hoffa

    Hoffa Freak you you freakin' freak

    I think the Browns will stumble down the stretch. The Titans will get their heads back on straight and make a run. They're not as good as 6-2 and they're not as bad as the last 3.

    If they don't fall behind, they can play their game and beat Houston, NY, and KC. They have proven they can hang with Indy the past 2 years, and Indy could have their playoff spot wrapped up and rest some starters when we play.
    SD looks like a likely loss.

    I still say 10-6, a wildcard, and some valuable playoff experience to build on the next few years.
  8. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

    Even if we were to make the playoffs, does anyone think we really stand a chance against Pittsburgh or even San Diego ?
  9. Hoffa

    Hoffa Freak you you freakin' freak

    No, but it is the experience of playing in the playoffs that will come in handy the next few years when we can make a serious run.

    VY gets a feel for what it's like in the NFL postseason, and that will pay dividends as we build on the improvements we've made in the past couple years ,and continue building into a SB team.
  10. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

    I don't disagree with you Hoffa
    but this team is not ready for postseason play
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