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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by edward nigma, Mar 21, 2013.

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    I don't think it was fair to judge Jake off the season last year. Piss poor performance all the way around by everyone. One of the most embarrassing seasons I can remember as a Titans fan. The offensive line put in front of him, was a joke. Even with that said some of you act like he was supposed to come in and have instant success. No patience to develop a young QB. He was a reach when we took him at 8, but he has skills. If he can put them together with whats between his ears, I don't think we are going to have anything to worry about. I also don't think he is on that short of a leash or that Fitz is going to lining up behind center at the start of the season. The guy simply is not that good. If he was as great as some of you try to make him out to be the Bills would have gave him any dollar amount that he wanted as their franchise QB. Hes no better than Locker or even KFC imo.
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    Good news is the AFC is going to be bad other than Den, NE, CIN, and HOU with INDY being around our level. However, playing the NFL West is something that could cost us 3 wins (STL, SEA, SF) then you gotta figure a loss vs DEN, HOU. There is 5. Indy or swept by Houston so its going to be a tough schedule is my point even with the AFC being pretty bad compared to years past.

    Locker shows signs of hope but the accuracy has seemed to be a big issue in his game. A great running attack with crybaby and Greene will help. Love Walker signing, and Pollard was great signing for our de. Still would want 1 more d-linemen then a nice draft with a corner somewhere early.
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    I like some of the moves..... but in the end I stick by my original "our season depends on Locker:

    Really hope he does well next year
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    I actually want one of the TN vols WRs at #10
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