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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Gut, Nov 29, 2009.

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    Titans need to be very careful not to turn the ball over on Offense and LIMIT the big plays on defense...

    On Offense VY needs to continue to make good decisions throwing the ball and run when nothings there. I suspect the Cards will use Adrian Wilson to spy Young...especially on 3rd and long. We can't afford fumbles, dropped passes or WR's tipping the ball up. OL has to continue to play better. We need a big game from CJ. Almost more importantly, we need another creative and well called game from Dinger!

    On Defense, we need to check OUT of a playcall if it's gonna leave Harper in man v man coverage against Fitzgerald with no S help. That CAN'T happen as it did in the Texans game. We need to get more db's on the field and keep everything in front of us. They need Griff over top of Fitz because of his size. I would even consider putting Finny man up on Breaston with no help and double cover Boldin and Fitz with other corners and our S's over top. We also need to use some 3 deep looks. We can't allow them to anticipate cover 2, move the S and get a wide open area for Warner to throw the ball to. Make him fit the ball in tight windows and crush the WR's. Take away the post and flag and go routes and force him to throw deep crosses and skinny posts...a tip or high ball is a good chance for an int. Also, play more db's than they have WR's. They love to throw the ball so hopefully this helps us slow down their passing attack and encourages them to run more. HIT WARNER. If we blitz, the DE's need to keep contain but put pressure up the middle...he'll go fetal position. THREE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS>>>PLAY THERE ASSIGNMENT, TAKE GOOD COVERAGE/PURSUIT ANGLE AND TACKLE!!!!

    We can NOT afford any mistakes on special teams. No blocked punts/fg's, no muffs/fumbles, and no big returns!

    If Leinart plays the Titans need to mix up there coverages to make it harder for him to read. If he knows it's cover 2 all day they will make us pay like the Texans did in chunks.

    No matter what - keep them out of the endzone and make them kick 3's!!!

    Each week we've taken steps forward. The Texans game still left a lot to be desired in slowing down a high powered passing attack. We won't have the luxury of a Kubiak not going for the endzone or a short kick. Wisenhunt and Warner will go for the throat! The D needs to step up....especially the front 4!

    GO TITANS!!!

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