Was Levitre benched today?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titanbackbone, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. titanbackbone

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    Asides from never really liking his game..and watching him getting raped today constantly in pass protection, was he actually benched late in the game when spencer got in? Was it injury related or was he just being constantly overpowered and they decided to take him out?

    BTW, i really like spencer. I don't think hes a great player but i think the 2 or 3 games (can't recall exactly) that played at center he did a good job both against the pass and the run. I also think Stingily needs to get way better against quick players. But hey, Stewar't time is clearly over.

    I think Chance and Schwenke are improving and will be pretty good next year, it's a shame we spent so much money on levitre, he's really just not good enough. I would happy with spencer (who can play c, lg, rg) taking his place.
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  2. titanswinnow

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    FA is tricky. The player has to fit the system. It sems that Levitre has not fit. Hope he/we figure it out. Or get rid of him, we pay him big$
  3. The Hammer

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    wam starting to think he might not have been that great to begin with
  4. Fry

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    I think the knee surgery he had in the offseason affected his game this year. He went right from not practicing all camp to playing. Anyone who's had knee surgery knows you need time to get the strength back in that quad and he didn't really have it.

    Time will tell.
  5. Big Time Titan

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    I noticed that he was getting pushed around like crazy today but I didn't see when he went out of the game. I swear that guy has no upper body strength. Looks like we got robbed because I haven't seen a single game where he has shown anything that warrants being the top FA coming into the season. Just our luck though, our FO finally goes out and spends good money on the perceived top FA OL and he's a dud.
  6. Roscoes Wetsuit

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    I'm convinced they just had Rob Turner wearing his helmet and jersey ever since they put rob on "IR".
  7. Upright7

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    Andy Levitre=Jake Scott? At least Jake got a ring...

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    Levitre has been solid. Yes he's gotten beaten a few times but overall he's been alright. He's best when we pull him, which under Loggains is almost never.
  9. titan_fan_4ever

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    Actually, we pull him quite a bit, not sure what you're talking about there. I also like how we started pulling Chance a bit more too. Early on in the season, it was really only Andy who was pulling, it got too predictable.


    Also, I'm not sure what's up with Andy's starting 'squat' position (like his pre-snap stance). His bum is so low to the ground, why he does that, I have no idea. A lot of times i saw him get overpowered, I felt it was due to that. I mean its essential to keep low, but you can't be sitting down.

    Overall, he's been pretty good, but I expected more. I really hope its the knee that's holding him back. I also think after a year in the system and getting used to Roos/Brian, things will get better. OL takes time people (esp. with three new guys in the middle) and I like what we have (except for Stewy, he NEEDS to go).
  10. RollTide

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    I would wait until next year to judge Levitre. Got the big contract playing on a new team with new guys. Not an excuse just a reason for being mediocre.

    Based on the investment made in money and draft picks we expect our interior line to be one of the leagues best next season. I think they will be.