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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RavensShallBurn, Apr 29, 2013.

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    who had the worst draft grade?
  2. lilkhmerkid4u

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    Broken Arrow "We're not gonna be silly" - Mike Vrabel

    overall grade?
  4. Raistmagic

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    I enjoy reading Walter, but I don't think he has much more insight than your average savvy NFL fan.

    He knows nothing about the Titans, other than what one could learn glancing at a depth chart and watching sportscenter/primetime games.

    I also hate his logic about players dropping. Why is a player good value just because some analysts thought he should be drafted earlier?

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    This was a great draft for us, we landed three players with first round talent in Warmack, Hunter, and Schwenke
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  6. SawdustMan

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    LOL WUT? It sounds like he's saying our pick is even worse than the Cooper pick just because our guy can't also play center(?). And yet he gives the Cooper pick a D and ours a C. Is that simply because our guy was taken at 10 instead of 7? If so, excellent logic there Walter.

    Again, LOL WUT? He says the selection was "incredibly stupid". Then in the VERY next sentence says that Cooper was one of the top players available. So even though he was one of the BPA it was still a stupid pick because of some idiotic "No guard shall ever go in the top 10" rule he's bought into?

    This was a weak draft and the top end talent was on the OL. What did he expect to happen? I swear, sometimes I think these guys put zero thought into what they're writing and are just trying to get words on a page.
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    Walter is not exactly playing with a full deck


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    Made me feel much better about the uconn corner.
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    Walter is a site I read just because he has the top spot in google and puts in a lot of work but he literally changes his pick to whatever rumor is going around. So whenever his "source" says a player and it turns out to be someone different then he sometimes gives a negative grade. I don't get the C rating for Warmack, I'm guessing he was convinced Milliner to the Titans but since he went to the Jets how was he supposed to grade us? BPA, fills our biggest need, and he actually wanted to come here. That's an A in my book. Still against G in the top 10 but considering no one else available I was totally in love with was there and the way this draft went, you can't be unhappy about it.
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    Walter must be doing something right because we are talking about him. I am sure he rather hear people call him a "idiot" and keep going back to read what he says rather then not care and not ever check.

    He does put a lot of time and effort into the NFL Draft and College prospects more than basically anyone I have seen on the net so I find it hard to stay away from his site especially around April. But the dude does contradict himself way too much and changes his mock draft with every little suttle rumor heard around the net, which gets annoying. But I will give him his due on a lot of his content.
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