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    Tight end Delanie Walker’s debut for the Titans on Sunday was a busy one, as he played 51 of the team’s 67 offensive snaps.

    Walker hauled in three passes for 40 yards, including a 25-yard reception that was the longest catch of the game for either team. He also was part of an offensive line that controlled the line of scrimmage in the win over Pittsburgh.

    But that’s not to say everything went well in the first game for Walker, who had missed most of the preseason – including the first three preseason games – while recovering from knee surgery. Pro Football Focus gave Walker a negative 3.2 overall rating for the game, which was one of the lowest ratings for a tight end over the weekend. His run-block rating, according to PFF, was negative 1.9, which again was toward the lower end of the tight end spectrum.

    Walker was also flagged for an offensive pass interference call that took the Titans out of field-goal range during their first drive.

    Titans coach Mike Munchak said he expects Walker to improve as he gets more practice snaps and gets more comfortable in the system.

    “I think he can get a lot better,” Munchak said. “He was making the mistakes the tight ends made back in August, with a lot of the gap stuff we were doing. When you don’t (practice), there’s no way to simulate that kind of action, especially against Pittsburgh.

    “There was a lot of different types of runs we used yesterday. On some he was a little too far this way, some (others) this way, so he’s kind of working his way back into the game … He’s going to be a great weapon for us. He just needs to play.”

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